The limits of power

...the opposite political persuasion and may undo everything done by the previous president. Talk about capricious whim!The Founders denied the Executive such power for good reason. They wanted, and gave us, a deliberative three-branch government to protect...

The Artside: Start June with celebration of arts

...open an exhibit of contemporary American Studio Glass from the collection of Eugene Fleischer. Ferdinand Hampson, author and founder of Habatat Galleries in Royal Oak, Mich., and West Palm Beach, Fla., will talk at 6 p.m. about the American studio...

Tuk Tuk factory aims to make inroads in US

...with Denver-based eTuk USA to allow the company to manufacture and sell an electric version of the vehicle.The company's founders hope the eco-friendly vehicles will become the next hip mode of transportation for urban dwellers and tourists across the...

Larry Gilpin Sr.

...Roofing for over 30 years before establishing L & J Roofing. He was passionate about hunting and fishing. Mr. Gilpin was co-founder and president of the Clark Hill Committee for over 40 years and was recently named CEO. The Clark Hill Committee represents...

Media CEOs dominate ranks of top-paid executives

...42.1 million, which placed her fifth among CEOs in the survey.<0x2014> Richard Hayne, the CEO and co-founder of Urban Outfitters, received the biggest pay bump. His compensation soared 682 percent to $535,636. Most of the increase...

A height of hypocrisy

...the law and justice. The Constitution explicitly avoided the election of Supreme Court justices for this very reason. Our Founders wanted to keep politics, partisanship and issue-advocacy off of the court.Advocates seek particular outcomes from the...

Founder of Athens rock-climbing facility looking at Columbia County for second location

An Athens-based rock-climbing entreprenur is looking at Columbia County to add his second facility.

Best & Brightest: Russell Noah, John S. Davidson Fine Arts School

...finalist, valedictorian, AP Scholar with Distinction, Questbridge finalistCOMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Assist 1 Another, Inc; co-founder and volunteerCOLLEGE/CAREER: Attend Vanderbilt University to study mathematicsOF NOTE: Russell enjoys weightlifting, fantasy...

Show dogs not exempt from licensing requirements approved by animal ordinance subcommitee

...microchipped. Registration is required for animals six months or older.Subcommittee member Lynda Bragg Workman, who is co-founder of the Augusta German Shepherd Club, was the lone vote against the licensing fees. Requiring fees for unaltered show dogs...

Car-free zone keep Paris perfect for walking

...The incredible Versailles Palace has been given a new feature ? to celebrate 300 years since the death of the palace's founder, Sun King Louis XIV. This week, it inaugurated the newly renovated Water Theater grove. It's an incredible contemporary...