Tesla plugs into new market with home battery system

FOSTER CITY, Calif. - Never lacking daring ideas, billionaire entrepreneur Elon...blackouts for customers like David Cunningham, an aerospace engineer from Foster City, California. He installed a Tesla battery late last year to pair with...

New once-a-day pill for hepatitis C wins FDA approval

...dual-acting approach mimics drug combinations Gilead has long used to treat HIV.It's another breakthrough for Foster City, California-based Gilead, which analysts expect to bring in billions of dollars in new sales. The company says...

Augusta native CEO of healthy performance products company

...the scenes of many favorite beverages.Carl Sweat, a Butler High School graduate, is the CEO of The FRS Co., a Foster City, Calif.-based company that sells energy, protein, immunity and weight-loss drinks. He has also held top positions...

Business briefs

...said they use plastic at least four times weekly for small purchases. The survey was conducted by Visa USA Inc., of Foster City, Calif., which said its purchase volume on items costing $25 or less rose 25 percent last year to $49.1 billion...

TiVo assailed as digital video recording options multiply

...potential customers that the satellite company also offered a DVR service. So which new set-top box arrived in Wilkas' Foster City home two weeks ago? Comcast's DVR, which allows users to record two channels at once. The main reason, says the...

Companies interested in saving messages

FOSTER CITY, Calif. - An instant message exchange might seem as fleeting as a phone call or face-to-face chat. But, like everything...

XXX Technology
New DNA scans could transform medicine

...sample and put it in a machine, that's coming," says biologist Michael Albin at Applied Biosystems. The company in Foster City, Calif., makes DNA-scanning equipment. --- The gateway to this new world is swinging open at places like the...

XXX Technology
Silicon Valley companies now engineering energy savings

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- On a typical summer day at Electronics for Imaging Inc., about 700 workers can feel the cool breeze drifting across...

XXX Technology
Midwesterners live on frozen pizza

...Barb Stuckey thinks might explain the frozen pizza fascination. Ms. Stuckey is the vice president of marketing for Foster City, Calif.-based Mattson, a food developer that has played a big role in the frozen pizza industry. The East and...

Pascarella sees new technology changing card industry

...services coming at a fast pace. Carl F. Pascarella, who has been president and chief executive officer of Visa USA in Foster City, Calif., for a decade, calls this "a revolutionary time." "The technology is changing so rapidly that I think...