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Southern Co. to accept federal loan

...powerhouse would be the recipient of the first nuclear loan guarantees, part of the Democrat's push for more non-fossil fuel energy. The company was selected despite lobbying heavily against cap and trade legislation championed by the Obama administration...
Alternative energy has big land needs

...Minnesota by 2030. "It is not a paradox, just a trade-off: Renewable energy takes more space to produce than fossil-fuel energy, and society needs to think carefully about how best to meet that challenge," writes Rob McDonald, a Nature...
Bodman and SRS

...bequeath thousands of tons of plutonium to our descendants, we must collect and burn it as nuclear fuel. Unlike fossil-fuel energy, nuclear energy is clean - it does not pollute the air, nor can alarmists claim it threatens the Earth's climate...
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Beware of `warming' pact

...gas emissions to 10 percent below 1990 levels. This would require a whopping 20 percent reduction in America's fossil fuel energy usage. Radical environmentalist Gore is so convinced that man and man-made emissions are "the enemy" that he...
Savannah River turbines can provide clean, renewable power for CSRA

...have been out of the water for significant periods. The Department of Energy has spent $22 million for additional fossil fuel energy to make up for the reduced hydro generation over the last year with the cost of these additional energy purchases...
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