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Surrender of Fort Sumter re-enacted

FORT SUMTER NATIONAL MONUMENT, S.C. --- Re-enactors...took away the Union flag and recreated Fort Sumter's surrender to Confederate attackers...Charleston.Rick Hatcher, the historian at Fort Sumter, told visitors who arrived on the last...
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Re-enactors fire on Fort Sumter again

...AP) - Although the attack on Fort Sumter happened 136 years ago, to many...uniforms fired a cannon toward Fort Sumter. The booms shook the ground and...the anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter. The exhibit explores four theories...
Fort Sumter has preservation woes

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Fort Sumter, which weathered Confederate the daunting task of keeping Fort Sumter in repair. There are an has to be done more often. Fort Sumter is not alone. Across the nation...
Visitation hits record at Fort Sumter

...took the tour boat last year to Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor to see where...continues this year.Visitation at Fort Sumter was up another 11 percent during...ranger of the U.S. Park Service Fort Sumter National Monument which includes...
Who invaded whom at Fort Sumter?

Who invaded whom at Fort Sumter? Michael T. Terry writes in the...of the invasion of our state at Fort Sumter," the Senate voted "a compromise...ask the question, "Who invaded Fort Sumter?" The last history book that...
Shells preserved in place where they smashed into Fort Sumter 150 years ago

FORT SUMTER NATIONAL MONUMENT, S.C. - They are there just where they landed in Fort Sumter a century and a half ago ? three Union...the chief of resource management at the Fort Sumter National Monument.Under the agreement...
Civil War landmark crumbling

...mismanagement may finally destroy Fort Sumter, something Civil War troops and...gotten us through a long time at Fort Sumter and for us to be successful plan, the first at Fort Sumter since 1974, says the monument...
1861 snow gave cheer before war

There is little if any doubt that Fort Sumter will be evacuated tomorrow, as orders have aleady been...Civil War was about to break out. The first shots on Fort Sumter were only weeks away. The Battle of Bull Run would be...
Civil War history quietened

...significant Civil War exhibit outside Fort Sumter is almost never found by visitors...last Confederate flags to fly over Fort Sumter, the cotton handkerchief and metal...Visitors Center turned up only Fort Sumter and some Confederate items at the...
Role of The Citadel in Civil War highlighted leading to the war.The war erupted with the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor in April of 1861.Three months earlier, Citadel...the West that was trying to bring aid to the federal troops holding Fort Sumter.
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