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Kolb's search heads West

...Augusta's city administrator of three years was turned down for Fort Lauderdale's city manager job. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted unanimously for a different George to assume the job - George Gretsas of White Plains, N.Y. The...
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...substantial" amount of its inventory was of a sexual nature. But, after Flynt threatened to sue, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted against the notion. Naugle says he won't be rolling out the red carpet for Flynt. "I am not happy...
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Kolb is finalist for Kansas job

...with the committee Wednesday and interviews with city council members and the mayor Thursday and Friday. The Fort Lauderdale city commission is expected to decide on its top pick for its city manager position Tuesday. Mr. Kolb had already received...
Kolb finalist for Wichita job

...Lauderdale, Fla., city manager's job. He returned to that city this week for another interview. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission is expected to make a decision on that position on Tuesday.
Kolb job news is no shock to panel

Augusta commissioners and Mayor Bob Young said Thursday they weren't surprised to hear that City Administrator George Kolb had applied for the city manager's job in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Kolb is finalist for job

Augusta City Administrator George Kolb has applied for the city manager position in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and is among the top seven candidates for the job.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Who will be left to defend the Boy Scouts?

...votes. Fifty-one Democrats and one Republican voted "Present" rather than support the scouts. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted against giving the Boy Scouts $4,000 to help disabled and disadvantaged children. Broward County...
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