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...lived near the creek's confluence with the Savannah River. His house was the farthest fortress up the river from Fort Augusta and kept residents safe during Indian attacks.Rae, who died in 1789, would enjoy prosperity as a trader and built...

Test your knowledge of Augusta history; perfect study guide is online

...Meadow Garden, home of George WaltonB. A convent on the HillC. A boarding house downtownD. Officers' residence at Fort Augusta 7. According to the earliest account in The Chronicle, what happened to the Confederate gold after the war?A. Raiders...

Riverwalk vision is different from reality

...Street with an 1,800-seat amphitheater.Some projects in the master plan never happened, including a recreation of Fort Augusta. Others, such as the Radisson Augusta Hotel and Conference Center ? now the Augusta Marriott ? and a visitor center...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Lecture, festival will focus on Native American history

...on that site in 1763 when it was Fort Augusta.Seven hundred Native Americans...subsequently ordered the creation of Fort Augusta to further the growth of trade...Reynolds Street from the site of Fort Augusta will be a free talk given about...

Re-creators mark 15th anniversary

...designers, builders and crew members of the boat -- Fort Augusta -- gathered for a discussion and presentation of the...wonderful thing for this town to do." An exhibit featuring Fort Augusta is on display at the history museum, 560 Reynolds St...

Graveyard attracts visitors

...been part of the city's history since its beginnings.The first St. Paul's was constructed in 1750 at the site of Fort Augusta, a British military outpost. Other structures followed, including one destroyed by the Great Fire of 1916. The current...

Church is resting place for centuries of history

...the city's birthplace along the Savannah River.St. Paul's first building was constructed in 1750 at the site of Fort Augusta, a British military outpost.The present-day building, a Georgian colonial design by renowned Augusta architect...

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What is the mystery stone?

...overlooked. St. Paul's, which evolved from the original Fort Augusta settlement, has been home to so much activity among...first church building was built in 1750 at the site of Fort Augusta, a British military outpost. - The original building...

Course history more than golf

...County. Still, one of the Par-3 Course ponds at Augusta National is named DeSoto Springs Pond. Oglethorpe visited Fort Augusta in 1739, three years after the British military post was founded and settled by Kennedy O'Brien. But there's no...

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...still thriving today. A large Celtic cross on the grounds of St. Paul's Episcopal Church commemorates the site of Fort Augusta and the beginnings of the church. The fort was built in 1739, and a chapel was built adjoining it in 1750. Aligned...

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