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Americans become resistant to antibiotics from foreign travel

...resistance to antibiotics primarily to foreign travel. Until now, scientists believed...attributed 75 percent of the cases to foreign travel, especially to Mexico and especially...overprescribe antibiotics. "Increasing foreign travel and the internationalization of...
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Augusta hospitals monitor, prep for Ebola Augusta and Georgia, particularly in light of the busy airport in Atlanta, Coule said."With the degree of foreign travel that people have now, it's not unlikely," he said. "It's quite possible. It is nothing unusual now for somebody...
Foreign travel warning issued

The U. S. State Department has issued a Worldwide Travel Alert following Bin Laden killing with specific recommendations.
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Report: Changes needed to make nuke plants secure

...access to criminal databases and foreign travel history to try to keep terrorists...there should be disclosure of foreign travel for job applicants seeking "unescorted...redacted. "Requiring disclosure of foreign travel on personal history questionnaires...
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Benedict XVI's first foreign trip shows interfaith efforts

...urged Christians and Jews to "love one another." In the four days of his trip to his native Germany - his first foreign travel since his election April 19 - Benedict XVI further defined his young papacy and how his style will differ from his...
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What did she just say?, tolerant citizens."Sounds innocuous enough ? and we would wholeheartedly agree with her that foreign travel and service to others are both huge character-builders.It does sound as if she thinks Americans aren't "open-minded...
O'Leary travel raises continued concerns

...dollars on 16 trips abroad. Except, nothing ever came of the GPU deal. An investigation into the secretary's foreign travel released last week concluded that several other business agreements the secretary had claimed as a result of her trips...
Bipartisan betrayal

...military hospitals; the special $3,000 tax deduction annually enjoyed only by members of Congress; taxpayer-funded foreign travel, meals and other assorted perks and privileges. Proponents argued they were entitled -- they had gone without a...
Push made to better safeguard blood supply

...of blood are needed every day, yet only about 5 percent of the Americans eligible to donate do so, and increasing foreign travel is further shrinking that donor pool. The American Red Cross, which collects half the nation's blood, last year...
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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany elected new pope

...within and opened up its dialogue with non-Catholics. Benedict will have to decide whether to keep up the kind of foreign travel that was a hallmark of John Paul's papacy, with his 104 pilgrimages abroad.