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Road to discovery

Glenn Boswell's first car, a Ford Model A, didn't inspire him to treasure the it, that's all that counts." ON THE INTERNET Ford Model A sites Model A Ford Club of America:
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Kathryn Elizabeth Rocker - James Taylor Sturkie

...bride and groom arrived at the reception which was held at the bride's parents' home in Millen, Georgia in a 1931 Ford Model A Roadster, a wedding gift from the bride's grandfather, the late Mr. Robert Gray Dwelle. The newlyweds honeymooned...
What Is It?

...who wrote:"It is a 1903/1904 Ford Model A tonneau. I had and put together...its successor, the more familiar Ford Model A, but not everyone is aware of this Ford Model A."This iteration was hand-built...
Old Fords shine at auto show

...a Packard served as reminders of the beginnings of American automobile production. But the star of the show was the Ford Model A - there were about 65 of them in conditions similar to what they must have been as they rolled off the assembly line...
Multitasking ex-mechanic keeps his projects close by

...his four children live, there is a collection of about 30 motorcycles, at least five Pontiac Fieros and a handful of Ford Model A's, the machine that he did some teething on growing up. There also are five school buses used to store parts, a...
Georgia Tech's Wreck is senior's full-time job

...morning like this. The most famous car this side of movie-lore rides such as the Batmobile and General Lee, the 1930 Ford Model 'A' moves, with its 24 horses under the hood, at something in the neighborhood of 25 mph. Hey, but it wasn't built...
Georgia Tech
Can't be topped

...very peppy, great in the mountains, great on the road, and easy to handle." 2. Jim Dover of Martinez, 1930 Ford Model-A Phaeton. Cost new, $425. 40-horsepower engine. Top speed is about 65 mph. 3. Mike Sanders of Augusta, 1968...
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What Is It?

...check out the original.As for comparing the current Mini to the original, well don't. It would be like comparing a Ford Model A to a current Shelby Mustang. They are completely different vehicles aimed and marketed toward a much more image conscience...
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Ford resumes tours at historical Rouge complex

...of five of the Rouge's most famous vehicles: a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster, 1932 Ford V8 Victoria, 1949 Ford Club Coupe...the most famous Rouge vehicles are on display: a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster, 1932 Ford V8 Victoria, 1949 Ford Club Coupe...
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Nokia's PhonePalmtop offers glimpse of future

...Spectrum's network is a fine way to glimpse where wireless phones are heading. But a glimpse is all it is. It's a Ford Model A in the race to marry palmtop computing to wireless phones. That's why I chuckled when I saw the hero in the recent...
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