Bill Gates repeats at top of Forbes' list of billionaires

...richest person got even richer this year.Forbes said Monday that Bill Gates's net worth...Oracle Corp., with $54.3 billion.Forbes said there were 1,826 billionaires on...worth of $41.7 billion, according to Forbes.The world's youngest billionaire was...

Scuttlebiz's creator back for another tour of duty

...probably wouldn't have brought that up had Georgia not been in that 20 percent (or 10th most valuable nationwide, according to Forbes magazine). CONGRATULATIONS TO ELANCO: Of course, the winner of the development authority's Industry of the Year award...

Forbes to announce candidacy on Internet

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Steve Forbes will declare his presidential candidacy...for transmission on his Internet site, Forbes says, "You and I are entering the information...president of the United States of America," Forbes says. "Today marks the beginning of...

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Forbes.com put ad links in news stories

NEW YORK -- Forbes magazine has begun what it calls an "experiment" in...embedding links to advertisers within news stories on Forbes.com. Jim Spanfeller, the president of Forbes.com, said the publisher's arrangement with Vibrant...

Forbes lauds Dole tax cut

...for a convicted killer, a beaming Steve Forbes stood by waiting to talk about growth...Senate candidate, and his guest Mr. Forbes, who made a bid earlier this year for...for president. The centerpiece of the Forbes campaign - pushing for a flat-rate income...

Forbes' olive branch

...appreciate and respect magazine magnate Steve Forbes and his announced acquiescence to higher tax rates on the wealthy.Coming from Mr. Forbes, a clear-headed fiscal hawk, the concession...programs.A return to fewer regulations, Forbes notes, also would include the repeal...

Forbes learns lesson about speed of business on the Web

...presidential campaign on the Internet, Steve Forbes promised to be "first, fast and unfiltered...already been beaten to his own name. As Forbes was gearing up for a second presidential...offers to buy back his own name. The Forbes campaign did just that, concluding a...

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Forbes' toy soldier collection marches to auction block

NEW YORK - Malcolm Forbes was so wealthy, he conscripted his own...Beefeaters, Confederate troops and doughboys Forbes assembled over the years are getting...with his wife, Anne, was curator of Forbes' collection. From there the platoon...

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Gates' wallet doubles atop Forbes' billionaires list

...Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates topped Forbes magazine's list of the world's top...billion heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune, Forbes said in its 11th annual rankings, released...running personal computer functions. Forbes says in its July 28 issue that it limited...

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Forbes' contribution

The dropout of publisher Steve Forbes from the GOP presidential primary proves...nor issues can get you the nomination. Forbes had plenty of both. He spent a whopping...interpreted as a rejection of his agenda. Forbes, who comes across as an introverted scribbler...