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Life's a feast for Nigella Lawson

NEW YORK - It's tempting to fantasize while reading food writer Nigella Lawson's "Feast: Food To Celebrate Life" that you are the Nigella pictured in its pages, your raven locks tousled...
Breakfast staple cracks the haute cuisine scene

Don't tell James Beard Award-winning food writer Michael Ruhlman that eggs are trending.True, he's got a new book out this spring, Egg, that's all about the sunny little...
Dine & Dish: El Alazan satisfies cravings for cheese dip and more

Food writer M.F.K. Fisher once described those foods that, if allowed, she could eat and eat ? and never get enough of. Her list included...
Dine & Dish: Jersey Mike's makes sub sandwiches with 'authenticity'

...The entire thing is then wrapped in plastic and you gently lean on it to warm it and to press it down (according to food writer M.F.K. Fisher, her cousin used to sit on his).It's a perfect sandwich (partly because of the fun twist...
For great food, writer says salt as deliberate act

Salting as a deliberate act. Sounds a bit intense. And for Mark Bitterman, it is. It's a call to action, a plan to banish bland food.
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Easy to make low-fat Asian chicken with scallions

In her latest cookbook, "Low Carb 1-2-3" (Rodale, 2005, $16.95), food-writer and chef Rozanne Gold combines her sure sense of how to use a few key ingredients (and not a teaspoon more) with a keen eye for...

...Essential Kitchen were in the kitchen, we'd have to cook somewhere else. Christine McFadden, kitchen designer and food writer, gives us a book (Rizzoli, $29.95) full of names, descriptions and illustrations of hundreds of kitchen utensils...
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The Eating Down the Fridge Challenge

I have been following Kim O'Donnel, a Washington Post food writer, on the Internet ( for some time now. Ms. O'Donnel in March posted a...
There's something fishy about this tangy salsa

...beaches are almost beyond imagination. Couple all of this with an abundance of international and local cuisine, and this food writer was in heaven for a week this July. The island has an abundance of Japanese eateries, since Japanese tourists flock...
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Small portions

...well. In Australian Food: In Celebration of the New Australian Cuisine (Ten Speed Press, $24.95), Australian food writer Alan Saunders sets the stage with the historical British and French influences on the cuisine and then introduces the...
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