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Grocery tax threatens budget

...a Democrat, who is on the conference committee debating the budget - work that has stalled in the fight over cutting food taxes. If the conferees can't agree, lawmakers might not be able to approve a budget June 20 when they return to Columbia...
Crunching the numbers

...available to many people with low incomes, even if they didn't pay income tax, because of other, hidden costs, such as food taxes. Many senior citizens qualify because they only receive Social Security, which isn't taxable, or they receive little...
Things to Do
Tax cut may lure retirees to state

...benefit," Mr. Smith said. However, low-income retirees in his district would probably benefit more from slashed food taxes, he said. A promoter of the Savannah Lake Villages retirement community in McCormick said dropping the income tax would...
Good riddance to bad tax ideas that leave a bitter aftertaste

...from using government power to stigmatize particular products and make our decisions for us. Cities and states that try food taxes will not enrich their citizens' health but rather neighboring jurisdictions' shopkeepers. Americans might not be able...
Hodges calls for parties to cooperate, health care, safe communities and targeted tax relief." Taxes: He wants a temporary penny reduction in food taxes made permanent, at a cost of $25 million. And he wants a $50,000 homestead exemption for older residents continued...
Pastor says Moore is anti-abortion

...thought that is not the Mr. Moore we know. The senator I know has for years led the fight for better schools, to get food taxes phased out, to help our seniors, and so many other things that there's not enough space to mention them all. I keep...
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