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Georgia may lower state income tax

...face an uphill fight."We're not going to win the food (tax) argument, the optics of that," said Rep. Jason Spencer...can't take it away."Democrats successfully fought the food tax last time. Another group that mobilized the grassroots...
Rants & Raves complain.This is a huge rant for members of the Georgia Legislature. Vote out the ones who vote for the devious food tax, the cell phone and satellite TV tax, and the massive service tax.How is it Westboro Baptist Church, which feels...
Tax reform challenges remain

...alternatives to replacing the revenue given up by eliminating the manufacturing-energy tax.Advocacy groups that fought the food tax last session have already renewed their objections.Overnight Monday, the AARP retiree organization emailed all of its...
Retailers set registers to charge lower food tax

COLUMBIA - Bluffton Market owner Jim McIntire didn't think he had to prepare for the state's lower sales tax on food.
Challenges in efforts to help poor get healthy food

...David L. Katz of Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center advocates vegetable subsidies. He favors the idea of a junk food tax that would use the money to lower the price of vegetables, as well as pay for anti-obesity programs. Diana Crane...
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Tax cut may lure retirees to state

...benefit," Mr. Smith said. However, low-income retirees in his district would probably benefit more from slashed food taxes, he said. A promoter of the Savannah Lake Villages retirement community in McCormick said dropping the income tax would...
Senate panel agrees to cigarette tax increase, sales tax cut

...House are not interested in raising taxes," said Harrell, R-Charleston. "While we do like the reduction of the food tax and would be willing to support that, we are not interested in raising taxes." The grocery sales tax initiative isn't...
Lawmakers mulling reviving the grocery tax

...the tax-writing Ways & Means Committee. The proposal is a departure for Democrats who helped dismantle the statewide food tax under former Gov. Zell Miller. At the time, Democrats said people should not be taxed on items as essential as food...
S.C. tax cut bungled

...apparently stems from some pettiness on Hodges' part. The food tax cut was not his bill. It was a GOP bill. In fact, implement the change. Compare how Hodges handled the food tax cut bill which he doesn't like with how he managed one...
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Grocery tax threatens budget

...a Democrat, who is on the conference committee debating the budget - work that has stalled in the fight over cutting food taxes. If the conferees can't agree, lawmakers might not be able to approve a budget June 20 when they return to Columbia...