Bainbridge court settles private probation lawsuit

...pleaded guilty to burning leaves in his yard without a permit. Edwards was intellectually disabled and survived on food stamps. When he couldn't pay $1,028 for the fine, surcharges and probation fees on the day he was sentenced, he was...

Protesters misinterpreted

...claim that people who protest against racism are the true racists, and that black people who subsist on Medicaid and food stamps are the true beneficiaries of inequality. President Obama is called a racist and "the most divisive president in history...

Debit cards to save over food stamps

...Columbia County will save thousands this year by not mailing food stamps for the Department of Family and Children Services. Instead, DFCS is replacing the food stamps with a debit card, which works like traditional ATM...

Massively untenable

...comfort compared to their Third-World countries of origin. The same goes for taxpayer-funded benefits, such as food stamps and Medicaid, which supplement and prolong a poverty-line existence.As immigrant-dependent as the American economy...

Judge lets store accept food stamps

An inner-city Augusta supermarket can accept food stamps again -- for now. Chief U.S. District Court Judge...Ninth Street and Laney-Walker Boulevard, to accept food stamps until a hearing next week. At that hearing, Judge Bowen...

Senate tries to make sure the dead don't get food stamps

...the other agencies of deaths of food stamp recipients. Similar steps would be taken to prevent people from receiving food stamps from more than one state at a time. The House could vote on the bill as early as Thursday. Social Security officials...

Georgia share of federal spending near bottom

...dollar amount.Largest is direct payments to individuals, such as Social Security retirement and disability benefits, food stamps, unemployment checks and primarily Medicare coverage. Georgia ranks 30th in this category.The state's lowest ranking...

St. Stephen's helps feed those with HIV, AIDS

...have HIV or AIDS are able to choose from an assortment of groceries. Those who do not have food stamps come every seven days, while those with food stamps visit every two weeks.The food pantry opened in 2008 after St. Stephen's Ministry became...

Rants & Raves

...complaining because nothing has been done. It is tearing up cars. Someone needs to see about it. IF ILLEGALS didn't get food stamps and rent and all these things free, they would not stay here. Illegals need to be moved back to their countries...

Hunger Awareness month begins

...Early Care and Learning.The most common program is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps. The $280 average monthly support comes through a debit card rather than stamps, helping more than 911,000 low-income...