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Specialized textiles thrive in slowdown

...and wash away stains. A room full of scientists sat mesmerized Thursday morning watching slide after slide of various food stains, accompanied by statistics on how completely they were removed from certain treated fabrics after 20 washings, the...
Finicky change machine prevents theft

...spitting back an authentic dollar. The machines also can be programmed to accept water-soaked bills and overlook food stains, he says. Another possible explanation for why a machine refuses to accept good money is that the collection machinery...
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Making a month of meals in one day can save time and money

...taco soup, spaghetti casserole, chicken and dumplings, barbecued pork chops. Already the list is dotted with little food stains. Neither woman wears an apron, just jeans. The night before, once the kids were in bed, Chapman cooked and shredded...