Augusta phosphate maker wins state manufacturer of the year honor

...salts at its facility on Marvin Griffin Road in south Augusta."They're an additive that goes into anything from food products, beverages, cleaners, toothpaste," said Beth Allen, the vice president of finance and administration for the...

Food industry battling over proposal on added-sugar labels

...Things they want you to think are healthy are full of sugar."When the Environmental Working Group analyzed 80,000 food products, it found that 58 percent had extra sugar added. That included even most deli meats on supermarket shelves."I...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Bates' ?'Me and Conway' ?is worth listen

...city. The chef of the barbecue pits was none other than Clem Castleberry, who became the founder of Castleberry's food products distributed internationally.Landis took the opportunity to not only praise Cobb, then player/manager with the...

'Entopreneurs' feed growing appetite for edible insects

...goal is basically to make it easier and cheaper to produce industrial-scale volumes of insects that can be used in food products," said Daniel Imrie-Situnayake, a software engineer turned entopreneur. "We're really just scraping the surface...

Small portions

Taste of home Not all food products are distributed nationwide. Sometimes when you move from one part of the country to another there's a certain brand of cookie...

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Tests find unapproved corn in veggie corn dogs

...of biotech corn that prompted nationwide recalls of food products last fall has shown up in yet another product, Kellogg's-made...virtually impossible to keep some of it from getting into food products because of the way corn is intermingled, said Gene...

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Clem Castleberry

...business entrepreneur came along at a time when the nation was just realizing it didn't have to buy just perishable food products but food could last for months using canned goods. Clem Castleberry's father ran a Broad Street grocery store and...

Opinion columns
Possible salmonella exposure prompts recall

...possible salmonella contamination after 62 people fell ill at a Louisiana wedding, officials said. Savoie's Sausage & Food Products Inc., of Opelousas, La., is voluntarily recalling about 500,000 pounds of frozen "Savoie's Dressing Mix...

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EPA says little unapproved corn left in food supply

...variety of biotech corn are substantially less than the government thought last fall after the grain was discovered in food products, the Environmental Protection Agency says. In a report to a panel of scientific advisers who meet Tuesday and Wednesday...

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Helpers keep food bank alive

...Bottles of juice and boxes of toothpaste are spread across the counters. Pallets of sorted toiletries, drinks and food products are slowly taking shape. It's a typical salvage procedure at Golden Harvest Food Bank, and the day's volunteers...