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FDA to force food labels to reveal artery-clogging trans fat

...After 10 years of debate, the government is requiring food labels to reveal exact levels of the artery clogger. Trans...year. "Clearly this is going to be a major change to food labels, and it's going to help consumers who are seeking...
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Food labels can have confusing claims

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of a two-part series on health claims on food labels. The first part is about qualified claims and claims with "significant scientific agreement." The second part is about structure...
FDA proposes adding 'trans fat' to food labels

WASHINGTON -- Food labels would begin listing a little-known but nasty type of fat called trans fat under rules proposed today by the Food and Drug Administration...
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New `low-fat' labels finally on milk cartons

...A federal drive for more nutritional information on food labels is finally reaching the dairy case. "There no longer...the nutrition." "It was the same way with all the food labels. They were a little confused in the beginning. Now...
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Kraft removes artificial preservatives in its most popular cheese slices

...from its most popular individually wrapped cheese slices, in the latest sign that companies are tweaking recipes as food labels come under greater scrutiny.The change affects the company's Kraft Singles in the full-fat American and White...
FDA considers new food labels

WASHINGTON - Next month, General Mills Inc. and Kellogg Co. will begin emblazoning their breakfast cereals with symbols that summarize complex nutritional information - part of the growing use of logos to steer grocery shoppers toward more healthful choices.
Corn syrup producers apply for change to sweeter name

...corn sugar.The Corn Refiners Association applied Tuesday to the federal government for permission to use the name on food labels. The group hopes a new name will ease confusion about the sweetener, which is used in soft drinks, bread, cereal...
Shop top: Help going organic to ensure that you're buying the freshest food possible. Ask your grocer what day new produce arrives. Read food labels carefully. Just because a product says it contains organic ingredients doesn't mean it's a healthier alternative...
Turning garbage into gold

...statements in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Indian men and women from the central state of Mexico have converted the food labels into colorful women's clutches, shoulder bags and hip belts that are selling on Web sites and in upscale U.S...
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...pediatrician's office, or even that mother I'd never met but we formed a bond at the grocery store while comparing baby food labels. And I found that these same experts were throughout the Aiken-Augusta area. Those are the resources we'll be...
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