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Moscow government licenses faith healers

...Healing, which administers the tests, insists that folk medicine, including psychic healing, is backed by scientific...powers for healing. In India, a country with ancient folk medicine traditions, the government licenses healers who use...
Your Faith
Poor areas suffer from doctor shortage and have all the latest and greatest, but the folk out here need me." Dr. Richardson knows the folkways and folk medicines of country people. He knows what fried catfish and collard greens cooked in fatback can do to an artery and why country...
There's love in every bite

...1970 there were 5,000 tigers worldwide. But people keep on hunting. They want tiger paws, bones and penises for folk medicine. In 25 years the Bengal tiger may be extinct, scientists say. That's why Mr. Allen, an Austell, Ga., native...
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The clay eaters

...that is used for everything from making ceramics and textiles to diarrhea medicine. For decades, it has also been a folk medicine that pregnant women, particularly black women in the rural South, have used to combat cravings during pregnancy...
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