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Computer virus researcher looks to biology for clues

TROY, N.Y. -- A man sneezes. Flu viruses are released. People close by catch it. They go to...incipient Internet attacks by looking at how plagues and flu viruses spread through human populations. Scientists have long...
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Government seeks genetic blueprint for flu

...government will try to predict the influenza virus's next moves by sequencing genomes for thousands of known human and bird flu viruses, a project that could help researchers understand how the flu constantly evolves. That knowledge could enable the...
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Drugstores, retailers dive deeper into vaccines

...vaccinations are available?People can get shots or nasal sprays. Some vaccines also are designed to protect against four flu viruses instead of the usual three. People ages 65 and older can get a high-dose version.For more information, visit www...
Flu hits SC, highest incidence on coast

...System says while December was quiet, flu increased last month and has been even higher the last several weeks.Health officials say it's not too late to get vaccinated against the flu. The vaccine protects against several flu viruses.
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Flu vaccine tentatively set for next year the unlikely event there is a major outbreak of a type B flu before the committee confirms its action March 17. Flu viruses come in different strains that constantly mutate. Type A strains are always the harshest, particularly a type known...
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Study: Bird flu virus infects body in wrong place to spread easily

...touch off a pandemic. Ordinary flu viruses spread when an infected person...Scientists already knew that bird flu viruses use a specific kind of docking...cells they infect, while human flu viruses use a different one. Kawaoka's...
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Flu virus debacle sheds light on shipping system Manassas, Va., that ships many of the nation's flu viruses and other dangerous germs to labs everywhere. ATCC was...labs needing to certify their competency at identifying flu viruses. These kits included five samples. This time, one...
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Researchers solve genetic puzzle of 1918 influenza pandemic

...supports a widespread theory that flu viruses from swine are the most virulent...humans. Most experts believe that flu viruses reside harmlessly in birds, where...said Taubenberger. Two other flu viruses spread all over the world since...
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Scientists find deadly 1918 flu more birdlike than once thought

...doctors better react if a similar strain returns. All flu viruses are thought to have originated in birds. But scientists...penetrate lung cells. Hemagglutinin from human and bird flu viruses interact with different cell receptors, which is why...
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Scientists agonized over choosing less-than-perfect flu vaccine

...result in pneumonia or death is a type called H3N2. Flu viruses are categorized according to the makeup of their two...neuraminidase genes would have to be transferred into tame flu viruses that grow nicely in hens' eggs so vaccine makers could...
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