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Alonzer Kitchings

...Gladys Lee, Gloria Adams, Joanne Kitchings, and Mary Moore; mother- in-law, Mattie Brown; father-in-law, Floyd Brown; brother-in-law, Tony Smith; sister-in-law, Evelyn Johnson and a host of cousins, nieces, nephews other...
Vietnam vets should check for benefits

I believe a large number of veterans are qualified RVN vets, and that a disability income could significantly improve their financial income, leading to a better quality of life.
For the record

...perform 40 hours of community service, pay a $50 indigent defense assessment fee and attend a risk-reduction program Floyd Brown , 65, of the 2800 block of Glenn Hills Circle, March 16: one day in jail, 12 months' probation, fined $651 and...
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Dems will spend us to oblivion

...will be no stopping the Dems from spending us into oblivion. America is broke, so these will be foreign dollars being spent, weakening our national sovereignty. Obama has already said he'll do whatever it takes. Floyd Brown Grovetown
Atomic bombs kept other horrors at bay

...will use nuclear weapons ever again to defend itself, but it must remain a potent option by the United States if ever attacked by another nation bent on destruction of our way of life. Let others beware of that fact. Floyd Brown, Grovetown
We're safe whether you like it or not

...and all the other tools at Bush's disposal credit for that simple fact. In America, we go to bed every night secure in the fact we are safe from the horrors the Iraqi people knew for decades. Count your blessings. Floyd Brown, Grovetown
Dems have eroded our military might

...assistance. He plotted to assassinate the first President Bush. Read the "Bojinka Project" file. It thoroughly documents the case against Saddam. We need people sticking up for America, not sticking it to America. Floyd Brown, Grovetown
Let speakers be heard on campuses

...some point it may well be a gun - the point being to silence the speakers. Academia needs to speak up and condemn these outrages. Perpetrators must be harshly dealt with - not just kicked out of school, but sent to jail. Floyd Brown, Evans
Get informed, know what to protest

...better picture of the facts, not just a steady stream of ideology being directed at the unsuspecting public. Informed peopleget their facts from multiple reliable news sources on a daily basis. It's called freedom. Floyd Brown, Evans
Kerry has dishonored veterans

...has shown up grubbing for votes have either walked out or sat on their hands in protest. No wonder sweat recently was seen dripping off his chin, even in an air-conditioned room. What fantasy world does Kerry live in? Floyd Brown, Evans