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Georgians urged to prepare for severe weather, despite forecasts of dry June

...only one in 10 Georgians has flood insurance, which is separate from homeowner's insurance.A preferred risk flood insurance policy costing 85 cents a day will cover $100,000 in structural damage and $40,000 for damage to contents inside...
What homeowners and renters need to know about disasters

...on-line password protected program.It is important to know what is not covered. Flooding is only covered if a flood insurance policy is purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program. Water damage from inside a home usually is covered...
Flooding a reminder of need for coverage

...percentage of those whose homes were not covered by a flood insurance policy - The washout of numerous bridges that snarled...county flood plain managers. Sadly, the lack of flood insurance policies by homeowners and renters is seen along the hurricane...
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Many realize water risk too late

What turns a flood into a disaster?
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Buy flood insurance in addition to homeowners

...falling on property and related injuries, it's the flooding that presents a problem. You'll need a separate flood insurance policy to cover damage resulting from "rising water" and that means flooding. This year, in particular, heavy rains...
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Across South Carolina, low-lying areas. About 150,000 flood insurance policies are in effect in South Carolina, almost 40 percent...Carolina ranks sixth in the nation in the number of flood insurance policies in effect. Woman dies, man is hurt with box...
Few pay extra cost for flood protection's flood insurance, only about 4.5 million flood insurance policies were written in 2003. The U.S. Census Bureau...suddenly and so few homeowners have insurance, most flood insurance policies don't go into effect until 30 days after the...
Colmans: Renting demands insurance policy

...not protected from flooding unless you obtain a flood insurance policy. If you live in an area that could cause rising...should give serious consideration to a separate flood insurance policy. Renter's insurance also provides you with a...
Flood victims regret not renewing insurance policies after the 1994 flooding caused by Tropical Storm Alberto, Albany-area residents had to buy three-year flood insurance policies for about $150. Only about half of them renewed last year, according to insurance agents in this southwest...
High and dry?

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Mike Greenwell learned his lesson in the 1978 flood, when he had to borrow $30,000 to cover the damage. This time, he had insurance. Now if only the adjuster would show up. Down the street, Rob Williams thought he would get enough warning to move his things to higher ground. He had no insurance and he's going to have to go looking for second-hand furniture. "Now I wish I had done that, buy the insurance," Mr. Williams said. "It just wasn't something I thought too much about."
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