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FIS wants Bode Miller's comments on partying addressed

...join the team in Europe on Tuesday, moved his flight up a day. "It's up to his own federation to take action," FIS secretary general Sarah Lewis said Sunday. "We have talked to the U.S. federation about it, whether what he is saying is...
Other sports

...on Nov. 24 at Lake Louise, Alberta, six days before the women race on the same course."It's very clear," FIS secretary general Sarah Lewis said. "It's called the men's World Cup and the ladies' World Cup." TennisImprobable run...
Women want to ski jump in 2010 Olympics

...are required to progress ladies' ski jumping, since there is still limited activity in many ski jumping nations," FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis said. A proposal has been submitted to the 2006 FIS general assembly to add women's ski jumping...