They're busy shoveling

Regarding Victor Reilly's Dec. 31 letter "Jeb Bush in 2016? No":First, President Obama faced no financial crisis in 2009! His election caused uncertainty, and businesses ran.As far as Iraq's weapons of mass...

Ralph Dixon

...serving as director, and one of the founders of the Claxton-Evans County Chamber of Commerce, serving as its first president from 1953 to 1955 and again, from 1979 to 1980. He was a member of the Claxton Rotary Club since 1938, and honored...

Washington County ready to cement its legacy

...a county that was named after General George Washington in 1784, five years before he even became the nation's first president. But in small towns like Sandersville, the modern history that resonates most in the community takes place on Friday...

Rotary marks century in Augusta

...International Director April Matthews and Rotary District Gov. Ted Thompson will speak.Rotary Club of Augusta's first president, James Hull, will be honored and a speech he gave ? the date is unknown ? about what it means to be a Rotarian...

A century of service

...Rotary Club met at Augusta's former Albion Hotel and later at the Richmond Hotel. It organized with 44 members. Its first president was James M. Hull Sr., a founding partner of Augusta's Hull Barrett law firm.Like other Rotary clubs around...

Widow of Montford Point Marine receives his Congressional Gold Medal

PORT ROYAL, S.C. - America's first president and Master Sgt. George Jackson of Beaufort now share a special bond. Both men have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal...

Fans of first president have several days they can celebrate

...city was named for the Father of Our Country, however, and is said to be the first city to bear the name of our first president. Washington the man visited Augusta way back in 1791, but I'm not sure what the main drag was called at the time...

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President Hanson not well-known

...Washington was not America's first president. Seriously. It was a guy named...Jefferson acknowledging Hanson as the first president. How is this possible? It's...schools to teach about the "real" first president. Of course, their motives aren't...

Things to Do
Spread good will abroad and here

...psychic infrastructure of American cities isn't a "black" problem; it's an American problem. But the country's first president of African descent may have more "street cred" than most to tackle these problems head-on without being overly...

George Washington portrait tours America

OKLAHOMA CITY -- America's first president stands tall in understated black, a controlled expression...American independence. Stuart made many portraits of the first president, including the one of Washington's bust now printed...