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Herb gardens stir romantic, historical notions in gardeners

...edged with brick, the garden, designed by author Page Dickey, creates a 19th-century setting at the home of the first chief justice of the United States. It contains an extraordinary collection of culinary, medicinal, fragrance, dye and pest-repellent...
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Georgia court hears case on malpractice limits

...authority to cap jury awards. He pointed to Supreme Court decisions going back to one drafted by the state's first chief justice. Ms. Nestlehutt's lawyer, Michael Terry, argued that the state constitution specifically gives juries a say...
A closer look: The Supreme Court

...calls, hearings and careful examination of their court records. That wasn't always the case. John Jay, the first chief justice of the United States, was nominated by George Washington on Sept. 24, 1789, and confirmed two days later. Historically...
America's Founders were profoundly religious

...days to thank God "for any signal blessing" or seek divine aid "in any public calamity," said John Jay, the first chief justice of the United States. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were the principal authors of "The Federalist Papers...
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Judge describes his commandments fight in book

...display a symbol of his religion. It was also the beginning of a two-year fight that ended with Moore becoming the first chief justice in Alabama's history to be expelled from office after he refused a federal judge's order to remove the monument...
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Church-state separation skewed

...duty of our Christian nation to select Christians for their rulers." These words were spoken by John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. If a person dared to speak these words today, he would be branded a narrow-minded...
Athens residents debate return of Cobb's house

...was built in 1839 and later given as a wedding gift to Cobb by his father-in-law, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, the first chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. Cobb, a staunch secessionist and attorney who founded UGA's School of Law and...