Augusta Municipal Building community room named for city's first elections director Linda Beazley

...Richmond Coun ty's first elections director in 1973 under the newly-created Board of Elec tions, said the board's first chairman, attorney Pat Rice.Despite Au gus ta undergoing a "metamorphosis politically" at the time, Beazley's congenial...

Frank Williams Jr.

...of the Boys Club of Augusta, Sacred Heart Cultural Center, and the Tuttle-Newton Home. Mr. Williams was the first Chairman of the Augusta-Richmond County Data Processing Commission. Mr. Williams enjoyed his family, golfing, and longtime...

James Morgan

...Time Magazine's Dealer of the Year Award. He had also served as Chairman of the Board of the Citizens Bank, was first Chairman of the Swainsboro Housing Authority, Chairman of the Swainsboro Planning Division, Chairman of the Emanuel County...

'Hero banker'

...That's why he's a member of the Beech Island Agricultural Society. His grandfather of five generations ago was its first chairman. And every meeting, there is a reading of the minutes of 100 years ago.The club owns a signed copy of one of the...

Linda Beazley, Richmond County's Board of Elections original director, dies

...friends and former co-workers say."She gave her whole life to the county," said Patrick Rice who served as the first chairman of the Richmond County Board of Election when Beazley became its first executive director in 1973.Beazley was the...

Week ahead

...at the Wilcox Hotel; guest speaker will be Charles Lane, of Charleston, who will talk about his experiences as first chairman of the South Carolina Conservation Bank Board and chairman of the ACE Basin Force from 1989 to 2004. Monday GROVETOWN...

Tat Thompson aims to turn heads with startup institution

...ground floor so he can "B.S." with customers. "His personality has the ability to attract business," Athens First Chairman James L. Laboon Jr. said. Ironically, the man who makes banking look so easy entered the profession by chance...

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Evidence made Brown's change of heart necessary

...honored Bill Sherrill at the annual gala Saturday night with its Volunteer of the Year award. Mr. Sherrill, the first chairman of the county's young Republican party back in the early '60s, is the one I told you about who voted for a Democrat...

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Payne's legacy is sure to be strong one

...former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador. "He will do his best to satisfy the needs of both sides." Payne is the first chairman in the club's history whose affiliation doesn't go back to the Clifford Roberts era. While outgoing chairman...

Scott Michaux | Augusta National Golf Club
Transcript of Billy Payne conference call

...BILLY PAYNE: I don't think any dialogue would be meaningful or helpful. Q. I was going to ask you, you're the first Chairman that does not go back to the Clifford Roberts years in terms of your membership at the Club, does this signal some...

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