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Q&A: Matt Dillon crashes the Oscars

...really have anything to do with me," he says, "except that I just showed up." --- AP: You've got to be the first actor nominated for an Oscar the same year as costarring in a movie about a living car ("Herbie: Fully Loaded"). Dillon...
Sean Connery gives nod of approval to new 007

...The respect is mutual. Craig told a news conference in October that Connery was his favorite 007. Connery was the first actor to play Bond, appearing in six films beginning with "Dr. No" in 1962 and ending in 1971 with "Diamonds Are Forever...
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Berry earns award for big-screen's worst

...Berry, one of several Oscar-winning actors to be dishonored by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, was the first actor to accept a Razzie in person since Tom Green did so for his part in 2001's "Freddy Got Fingered." Berry, who wore...
Book chronicles Mussolini's finale

...melodrama, of swashbuckling adventure, of tragedy and of comic opera. (Mussolini acknowledged that "I am only the first actor in a vast comedy that we all recite together.") In the book, Mussolini appears as a puppet of the Nazis, the Allies...
HBO show proves to be a windfall for Deadwood game on Aug. 2, 1876. "We love the show," Esmeralda added. "But the language did put us off a bit at first." Actors in "Deadwood" cuss up a blue streak in every episode, and it's rare for many scenes to go by without someone...
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Theron proves de-glamming can pay off on glamorous Oscar night

...pounds to play the aging boxer. Since then, stars have tried to emulate the same kind of buzz. Tom Hanks won his first actor Oscar for playing a frail AIDS patient in "Philadelphia." Hanks also was nominated for "Cast Away," in which he...
'Entrapment' star escapes mediocrity

...into a candy factory, she was singing and dancing by age 4, performing in local theater productions. She had her first actor's guild card by age 15 and moved to London, where, at 17, she landed the lead in a revival of 42nd Street. Barely...
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Man of Steel returns to screens of silver

...building. 1939 Superman goes daily, appearing in newspapers in a syndicated comic strip. Ray Middleton becomes the first actor to portray Superman, making appearances as the hero at the New York World's Fair. 1940 Archenemy Lex Luthor is introduced...
Star's story starts in Augusta

...charts last week, Mr. Aaron felt like he was the only choice. Fortunately, the producers agreed. Mr. Aaron was the first actor cast, chosen to play Michael Oher, an Ole Miss football standout and rookie tackle with the Baltimore Ravens. Sandra...
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