...Center at 1941 Lumpkin Road.Demolition Ax, Chic Donovan, Anthony Henry, Ethan Case, Ken Lee, the Masked Superstar and Da Fireman are among the wrestlers scheduled to appear.Others on the card are Da Russian, La Parker, The Doinkser, Wild Man Mike...

Back firemen's eating-out policy

I would like to respond to letter writer Millard Gooding who opposes the firemen's eating-out policy. I have never heard such an absurd accusation in reference to the wasting of tax dollars. Our firefighters...

Opinion columns
Check S.C. firemen

Just as pedophiles tend to look for work around children, arsonists like to get jobs on fire departments. As firemen they are uniquely positioned to sharpen their arsonists' skills and to be the last suspected of starting a fire. Especially vulnerable...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Anniversary calls for look back at 50 years in journalism

...thank you letter and sent me a large photo of the huge ship with its sails raised at sea.And on the police beat I met a city fireman who played guitar in the Dixie Show Boys country band that featured a young singer named LaWanda Lindsey.Lindsey, who became...

Winter takes heavy toll on nation's pipes, pavement and road-repair budgets

...taxi. The cab driver had to be plucked out by rescue workers."The fireman came and got me out - put me on his shoulder," Michael Hooks said. "Thank you, Detroit firemen."The western Illinois city of Moline has had 61 water main breaks...

Charleston's great quake of 1886 wreaked havoc in Augusta, too

...were flattened and more than a thousand feet of railroad track was torn up. One passenger train was derailed, killing the fireman and the engineer. Another train pulling stock cars plunged into 40 feet of water, drowning one crewman and four horses...

Denis Leary strikes sparks with a drama about firemen

...find a crazy naked junkie who doesn't even know these are firemen, he thinks they've come to steal his money and attacks them...charity. And he has long been pals with a crew of New York firemen who "I've seen go through a zillion different things, 9-11...

Rants & Raves

I WANT TO thank the fireman from a Columbia County Fire Department on Old Louisville Road outside of Harlem that helped the black dog that was hit and he called...

Augusta Regional Airport, Augusta Fire Department dispute over fire response continues

...is determined they are not needed.Commissioners pointed to the need to resolve the issue Monday."I'm going to put my fireman hat back on," said Commissioner Marion Williams, a former firefighter. "Especially when you're talking about something...

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...BACK IN TIME July 29, 1960 North Augusta firemen early Thursday morning were able to prevent...apartment house off Carolina Springs Road. Firemen said the 2:35 a.m. blaze apparently...Augusta. Damage to the kitchen was light, firemen said. The apartment was occupied by Carl...