Back firemen's eating-out policy

I would like to respond to letter writer Millard Gooding who opposes the firemen's eating-out policy. I have never heard such an absurd accusation in reference to the wasting of tax dollars. Our firefighters...

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Check S.C. firemen

Just as pedophiles tend to look for work around children, arsonists like to get jobs on fire departments. As firemen they are uniquely positioned to sharpen their arsonists' skills and to be the last suspected of starting a fire. Especially vulnerable...

Marshall Square Retirement Resort fire survivor, firefighters reunite

...lives to do this and you have wives and babies at home. It's not something you think of every day if you don't know a fireman. But it's amazing. It's truly amazing. We really appreciate it," she said.So does her grandmother, who spent about...

Siblings recount mother's rescue in Marshall Square fire

...his mother.Cadle tipped his hat to the emergency responders who spent all morning dousing the flames."We really want to thank the firemen," he said. "The heroic work of the Columbia County fire department was truly amazing today."

Marshall Square residents gather at shelter

...from the building, but they had to leave their cat and all their belongings behind."The beautiful, wonderful, precious firemen were able to get in and get our wonderful cat and give him oxygen," she said.The firefighters also retrieved her car keys...

SC firefighter faces sex charge

COLUMBIA- A Columbia fireman has been arrested and accused of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Multiple media outlets reported that 53-year-old Brian...

Fire Department, responders pull girl, 12, from Augusta canal

A 12-year-old girl has been hospitalized after being pulled from the Augusta Canal by Augusta firemen and first responders Wednesday after she fell into the water and was trapped by the current.About 7:12 p.m., the Augusta...

Denis Leary strikes sparks with a drama about firemen

...find a crazy naked junkie who doesn't even know these are firemen, he thinks they've come to steal his money and attacks them...charity. And he has long been pals with a crew of New York firemen who "I've seen go through a zillion different things, 9-11...

Rants & Raves

...Washington Road was a horrific car accident. Injured person lying on stretcher on the ground with a blanket. I witnessed a fireman take off his coat and cover the injured person. God Bless you, sir, for your kindness and service. Hope all are OK. DIVERSITY...

Rants & Raves

...money to pave all of the streets and fix all the sewer pipes.I LIVE UP AT THE LAKE and I have some fine neighbors. One is a fireman named Dino and another lady is Tina. They bring me firewood so I can keep warm during the winter. I sure do appreciate it...