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Event to explore prevention of alcohol use by area's young

...alcohol is associated with an increased risk of abusing other substances, violence, fighting, crimes, unintentional firearm injuries, drowning, mental-health illnesses and fatal traffic accidents. Acute abuse of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning...
Keep assault weapons off streets

...Safety and the Brady Campaign for Handgun Control in supporting the assault weapon ban and all efforts to reduce firearm injuries and death... Barbara ThurmondAugusta (Editor's note: The writer represents Blacks Against Black Crimes Inc...
ChildSafe brings free gun locks to owners

...Shooting Foundation says the proliferation of such locks in recent years has led to a 43 percent drop in nonfatal firearm injuries for persons from birth to 19 years old. Overall, fatal firearm accidents have dropped from a high of 2,600 in...
Tips on making your child's world safer

...Nationally in 1999, 1,500 children (age 14-younger) were treated in emergency rooms for unintentional firearm injuries. Of those, 121 died and more than half were kids ages 10-14. All children must be taught what to do if they...
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Health capsules

...the last year studied. It was the third-leading cause of injury deaths, after motor-vehicle injuries and firearm injuries. Of the 1995 poisonings, 77 percent were caused by drugs, 15 percent by gases and vapors and 8 percent by other...
Things to Do
The more you know

...feelings toward police, school, church and other authority - drastic changes in hair or dress style - drug use - firearms - injuries consistent with fighting - unexplained cash, jewelry or clothing - Source: U.S. Department of Justice
Georgia gunrunners take toll on state

...any other type of fatal injury or for any of the four leading causes of death. It is estimated that the cost of firearm injuries in the United States per year is $20.4 billion. Taxpayers pay most of these bills. And although the cost is...
Software combats gunfire

...Every two hours, a child dies from a gunshot wound. That's 16 American children under 19 years old each day. Firearm injury is one of the leading causes of death in men and women between ages 10 and 34, second only to car crashes.
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