On The Move

...experience: He previously worked for NIIT Media Technologies as senior manager of information security. He also worked for Philadelphia Gas Works, SunGard Availability Services, NCO Financial Systems Inc. and USER Inc. Financial Services.

US services firms growing more quickly

...businesses that employ 90 percent of the American workforce, including retail, construction, health care and financial services firms.The job growth and plunging unemployment rate, currently at 5.8 percent, appear to have bolstered the...

Georgia Bank & Trust consolidates broker operations

Georgia Bank & Trust consolidated its broker operations into one office.The Augusta-based bank moved its Financial Services and Arsenal Advisory Group from locations across the area into an office on Perimeter Parkway.The two divisions...

Unequal Pay: Must be a lot of good karma out there

...but only 21 percent hold leadership positions. BENEFITS OF BEING SINGLE? The pay gap is even bigger in the financial services industry, where women earn $14,067 a year less than men, says the American Institute for Economic Research...

Not your usual witnesses: Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke set to testify in ex-AIG chief's lawsuit

...faced severe liquidity pressures that threatened to force it imminently into bankruptcy," Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee in 2009.An AIG collapse "would have posed unacceptable risks for the global financial system and for...

5 mysteries of US job market waiting to be solved

...that men have been gaining jobs in businesses traditionally dominated by women, such as hotels, restaurants and financial services. Women have also lost ground in manufacturing.Heidi Hartmann of the Institute for Women's Policy Research notes...

Wal-Mart launching mobile checking account

...the overdraft and bounced-check fees traditionally charged by banks.It is Wal-Mart's biggest push into the financial services sector and its target is customers that have limited access to traditional banking.The company's GoBank checking...

Federal Reserve ends bond-buying stimulus

...saw as long overdue.The bond buying "has overstayed its welcome by years and by trillions" of dollars, House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, said in a statement.Michael Hanson, the senior economist at Bank of America...

Australian wins Booker Prize with wartime novel

...lead to U.S. dominance of the 46-year-old award, officially named the Man Booker Prize after its sponsor, financial services firm Man Group PLC.Grayling said Flanagan's victory should put a stop to chatter about an American invasion...

Single PayPal likely to partner with eBay competitors, aggressively fight for mobile space

...mobile and online pay services at American Express. Citi's May noted that few people have that background in financial services, mobile technology and payments ? three key strengths to be competitive going forward in digital payments.The...