Tyler Summitt, son of Pat Summitt, trying to make his own name at Louisiana Tech

...first recruiting coup. He convinced the 59-year-old to leave her job in the WNBA as an assistant coach for the Indiana Fever and join his staff as the associate head coach.Mississippi State veteran coach Vic Schaefer said it might prove to be Summitt's...

CDC sees promise, concern in Ebola fight

...evaluation but none had Ebola, Frieden said."A lot of malaria, a lot of influenza," he said, which also produce the fever that can indicate a person is developing Ebola.Frieden praised the African Union for sending 500 responders to the affected...

The Ramblin' Fevers find their footing in folk music

...Becca Wilson, The Ramblin' Fevers will bring their folk sound to...Merle Haggard's song Ramblin' Fever, cites influences such as Johnny...music."In May, The Ramblin' Fevers was in the lineup for the Papa...up with us."The Ramblin' Fevers' self-titled EP started selling...

Shedding light on lupus

...Vera Butler in the middle of the night will pass - for a time. But she has lived with the on-again, off-again pain, the fevers, the swollen lymph nodes, the achy joints and the fatigue for a decade. For four of those years, doctors couldn't figure...

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Bosnian girl headed home after surgery

...Kamenica of Bosnia has been in the United States long enough to grow two teeth and catch American germs. The germs twice gave her fevers, delaying for one month a surgery to prolong her life. But Tuesday she was released from the hospital after an operation Friday...

Galarraga faces a difficult year

...lower back Thursday: He'll have never-ending nausea. His brown curly hair will fall out. He will have night sweats and fevers, diarrhea and vomitting. Fatigue will become his personal shadow. His red- and white-blood cell count will drop, making...

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Spreading new idea on disease

...without cleaning their hands. Many of the women developed fatal fevers, and Semmelweis reasoned that the doctors were transferring...far-fetched. The streptococcal bacteria that cause rheumatic fever also attack the heart, causing lingering damage. Several viruses...

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Study: Cooling stroke victims improves survival

...that 14 survived instead of the expected five. And in a separate study, Spanish researchers found that people who suffer high fevers within 72 hours of a stroke have a higher death rate than those who do not. "The most important question to me is how we can...

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Westobou Festival celebrates fine, performing arts

...Davis, Priscilla Ahn and The Rambln' Fevers concert has been moved from the Old Academy...DAVIS, PRISCILLA AHN AND THE RAMBLIN' FEVERS: Although noted singer-songwriter Amos...first Augusta performance.The Ramblin' Fevers have a long history in the Augusta area...

Flu is here but might not look like flu

...this year are coming down with an odd case of flu with little fever but lots of other symptoms."It looks very different from...last seven to 10 days it has increased."Many have not had fever when they presented so "it certainly makes sense that someone...