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How do you cultivate good, 'un-rotten' apples in the teaching profession?

...completion of my degree in history at Paine. The students were preparing reports on the Fertile Crescent and the study of cradles of civilization. The Fertile Crescent was a region of land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq...
TV highlights (and lowlights) for the week ahead

...potential for advanced development may have been determined by simple geography, such as with the people of the Fertile Crescent who benefited from access to animals that could be domesticated and plants that could form the basis of agriculture...
Protecting environment is a clear patriotic duty

...grass, healthy streams. It's easy to forget that this is the place referred to in the Old Testament as the "fertile crescent." Iraq allowed short-term economic gains to override long-term sustainability, and their once-fertile lands...
Opinion columns
Antitrust lawyer may be thorn in Gates' side

...comment on Mr. Mr. Reback or his activities," said spokesman Mark Murray. How did Mr. Reback end up in the "fertile crescent of modern society," as he put it, battling one of America's greatest success stories? Mr. Reback has solid...
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Sites provide different perspectives on Iraq conflict

They don't call the neighborhood around the Tigris and Euphrates the Fertile Crescent for nothing. In Iraq and throughout the Middle East, Web sites continue to sprout faster than you can say Wolf Blitzer. Such...
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Road plan links cities

...Highway in recognition of the need for a Black Belt Regional Commission for economic development. "This is the fertile crescent of the South where 150 years ago we had the largest concentration of agriculture," he said. "Now that's one...
Isolated obese populations help search for genetic influences

...situation for ancient populations in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East. Indeed, Fertile Crescent people would benefit from gene variants...hunter-gatherer" genes and lean people carry "Fertile Crescent" genes? He's studying Kosrae to test...
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