Quoth the Raven: Nevermore celebrate Halloween without spooky Poe decor

...iron bring the Victorian gloom to life, so to speak.At spirithallo ween.com, you'll find faux-black, wrought-iron fencing a la The Fall of the House of Usher.Midwest Living magazine has ideas for a Poe-theme party, including using pages from...

Dipping into utility funds went wrong for Augusta before

...of Augusta and Richmond County are not very careful in sexing the goats prior to penning them in expensively constructed fencing around the retention ponds, you will mix male and female goats."Let me tell you what you can expect if this happens: 875...

Fencing club on cutting edge

...opportunity to introduce more people to the sport of fencing.For more than a year, owner Rudy Volkmann has...ribbon cutting Tuesday.Volkmann has been teaching fencing through the Augusta Fencing Club since 1987. He discovered the sport in 1960...

Mystique surrounds fencing

Fencing allows people to act out their fantasies...located on 9th Street, is a school of fencing, or Salle d'Armes. The school, which...There is kind of a mystique to it." Fencing has a long history in the Augusta area...

Other sports
Family takes stab at fencing

For some time, fencing was little more than a fleeting memory...sons. "About 30 years ago, I took a fencing course in college and loved it," Cohen...ago, after hearing that Augusta has a fencing organization called the Augusta Fencing...

Other sports
Movie swordplay inspires fencing medalist

...in film, are nothing like the sport of fencing. However, it was a movie that inspired...Flynn movie a few years ago and decided fencing might be a fun thing to do," Bruce Vail...Bruce, 14, has become competitive in fencing, in both foil and epee. "He fences...

Other sports
Thieves steal tires from car lot

...matted down, making it appear the thief drove a vehicle up to the fence to gain access. A deputy also noticed the barbed wire fencing that surrounds the lot had not been damaged.A total of five tires were taken from a Kia Sorento, Jeep Liberty and Ford F-150...

Grovetown chief returns to work after suspension

...door leading from the block to the yard. The men took off their jail-issue jumpsuits, got into the yard, and manipulated fencing and poles to escape."His department had everything under control and was doing everything possible to recover the two men...

Gardeners should plan ahead to keep animals from harming plants

...to keep wildlife away from the garden include rotating crops and using repellents, frightening techniques, decoy plants, fencing, netting and other barriers.Consider these tips:? Be proactive. "Before the raspberries ripen, put up some tape or...

Area announcements

...cboan1@yahoo.com or (706) 774-8870.? Augusta Fencers Club registration is now open for the Introduction to Foil Fencing class. Classes start on Sept. 8. The course costs $180. For more information or to register, call (706) 722-8878...