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Sons recall Scott's devotion to education

...three sons shared laughs and loving memories of their father and his stern upbringing, one they are thankful for. Fellow school board members, city commissioners, other elected officials and many students were among those gathered to bid farewell...
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Hasan picks up an opponent

...vacated by retiring Chief Judge William M. Fleming Jr. Among incumbents who qualified Monday were Mr. Hasan and fellow school board member Eloise Curtis, who represents District 2. Other school board races for the Nov. 7 election are Districts...
School officials gain voice on growth plan

...Buccafusco underwent hip-replacement surgery earlier this week and was not available to discuss the issue, but fellow school board and chamber member Wayne Bridges said the steering committee appointments also allow for improved communications...
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Students encounter admission hurdles

...parents. He said the important thing is to make sure this sort of mix-up doesn't repeat itself next year. Fellow school board member Helen Minchew agrees. "We need to do a better job when these kids enter ninth grade. They really need...
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Woman suing school board runs to be on it

...the board. "There's not a case in the state that I've ever heard where a school board member was suing her fellow school board members and, essentially, herself," he said. "I don't know that there is any guiding law." Still, Mr...
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