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Large student debt load limits young Americans' home-buying

...up with steadily-rising student debt loads, a burden that is limiting their ability to buy homes.The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Tuesday that the percentage of student loans 90 days or more overdue rose to 11.3 percent in the final...
US factory output eclipses pre-recession high

Factory output rises 1.1 percent in November; auto production growth accelerates sharply.
For US unemployed, job market hits a turning point

For the first time since the recession ended 5½ years ago, America's unemployed are now as likely to be hired as to stop looking for a job.
College graduates face a tight, competitive job market employment is the type of field in which students earned a degree.Economists with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found in January that graduates who majored in technical, specialized areas, like engineering and math...
New York Fed study says a college degree is still a good investment, despite high costs, even after factoring in the cost of higher education, according to a report released Tuesday by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The study, by economists Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz, also found that a degree is still a good...
Stocks plumment but claw back in turbulent day

Fear drove Wall Street to one of its most dramatic, nauseating days in years Wednesday. Investors fled stocks and poured into bonds as worries about a global economic slowdown intensified.
Rising student loan debt cause for worry

...mark, rising by $33 billion in the third quarter of 2013, according to a November report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Delinquency rates for student loans also increased by a percentage point to 11.8 percent, when compared...
US consumer borrowing up $19.6 billion

Ameri­cans increased their borrowing in May at the fastest pace in a year. Borrowing in the category that includes credit cards reached its highest point since the fall of 2010.
US consumer borrowing rises $13.8 billion in June

WASHINGTON - Americans borrowed more in June to buy cars and attend schools. But they were frugal again with their credit cards, as many remain wary of taking on high-interest debt.
Americans cutting back on credit cards

Americans cut back on using their credit cards in August for a third straight month, a sign that consumers remain cautious about spending.