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5 mysteries of US job market waiting to be solved

WASHINGTON - Just how healthy is the U.S. job market? Despite steady hiring and falling unemployment, the question has provoked sharp debate and uncertainty on the eve of the September jobs report.
2010 economy showed gains at end

The U.S. economy ended last year on an encouraging note. Factories produced more, shoppers spent more and companies hired more -- pointing to a stronger economy in 2011.
Fed will allow bond program to end in June

WASHINGTON --- The Federal Reserve is confident in the economy and about to end a $600 billion program to support it. Now for the next step -- figuring out how to keep inflation from taking off.
Illegal immigrants fill vital roles

...passing legislation will not stop illegal immigration. Why is immigration illegal in the first place? The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found that illegal immigrants contribute more than $14 billion annually to the U.S. gross domestic product...
Are current inflation gains just a blip?

NEW YORK - With Clorox Co. and FedEx Corp. announcing big price increases, business executives wringing their hands about sharply higher costs and Federal Reserve officials openly discussing their pricing concerns, inflation suddenly seems to be public enemy No. 1.
The Fed meets at a time of concerns

The U.S. economy faces threats at home and abroad that have the potential to dull growth or stoke inflation -- or both.
Local government too often does more harm than good

Quoting Robert D. McTeer Jr., president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, "Growth comes through change and causes change." As a resident of Richmond County, I'm convinced that in order for my community...
Savannah plays host to politics

SAVANNAH - Politicians survive on relationships. It's their most precious commodity, what pushes legislation through the Statehouse and lands them in office. And it's one of the main reasons why about 700 state lawmakers from 16 states descended on Savannah last weekend for the annual Southern Legislative Conference.
Cover story: Living the good life for less

We've all heard Grandpa recall when a bottle of Coke cost a nickel.
Let's have national sales tax

If tax-writers set out to write a whole new federal tax code, would they produce the intricately complicated, thousands-of-pages long monstrosity that frustrated Americans must deal with today? Of course not.