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5 mysteries of US job market waiting to be solved

WASHINGTON - Just how healthy is the U.S. job market? Despite steady hiring and falling unemployment, the question has provoked sharp debate and uncertainty on the eve of the September jobs report.
23,000 reasons suggest college is worthwhile

...incentives to get a college degree, given the gaps that we observe," said Lisa Barrow, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The income gap narrowed slightly from five years earlier, when college graduates made nearly twice as much...
Terror warnings on financial targets spread anxiety

NEW YORK -- Under the steady gaze of police officers with body armor and automatic weapons, workers were confronted with ID checks and bag searches following the most specific domestic terrorism warnings since the 2001 attacks, which have sent ripples of anxiety as far away as the West Coast.
Second half of 2011 could be stronger

WASHINGTON --- Good riddance to the first half of 2011 -- six months that are ending as sour for the economy as they began.
Fed sends clearer signal on keeping rates low

WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that it plans to keep interest rates ultra-low even after unemployment falls close to a normal level, which it thinks could take three more years.
Workers face tough times as middle-class jobs disappear

LANSING, Mich. - Thirty years ago, Dan Fairbanks looked at the jobs he could get with his college degree and what he could make working the line at General Motors Corp., and decided the GM job looked better.
Dueling numbers equal cautious hope for year

...still remains tight but less so than in recent months," said William Strauss, a senior economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Respondents say they plan to spend money on computers and communications but hold back on building costs...
Economic changes emptying factories

CHICAGO - The gleaming new Winzeler Gear factory annex looks for all the world like a model of manufacturing success for the 21st century.
One minor glitch reported by Federal Reserve

...from businesses and individuals to the U.S. Treasury. Skidmore said the glitch occurred Monday at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and involved about $700,000 in tax payments from customers of 60 financial institutions in the region...
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USDA: Crop prices to drop

WASHINGTON -- Prices for wheat, corn and other major crops are heading down, according to a government forecast that is certain to increase pressure on Congress to approve another big bailout of the agricultural economy.\r