Savannah River Site clean up pushed to 2065, costing extra $25 billion

...Advisory Board this week. Board members said announcements of delays and cost overruns have become expected as the federal government faces tightening budgets.Marolyn Parson, the chairwoman of the SRS Citizens Advisory Board, said the schedule...

60 years ago Athens saw UFO mystery

...John Greenewald Jr., a Los Angeles man who founded the website Blackvault.com, a compendium of thousands of federal government documents obtained through federal Freedom of Information Act requests, the Project Blue Book documents - declassified...

Savannah River Site | The Augusta Chronicle

...forest. Nearly 1,500 families were displaced in the name of freedom and protection from Soviet Communism. The federal government put more than 38,000 people to work by September 1952, toiling around the clock toward the production...

Across South Carolina

...resulted in the deaths of eight lemurs, which are protected under the Endangered Species Act.PETA has also asked the federal government to remove the surviving endangered animals and strip Hollywild of its license.Hollywild officials declined comment...

SkyMall files for bankruptcy as passengers find new distractions

...95.But in recent years, passengers have found other distractions. More planes have seatback TV screens. The federal government now allows us to keep Kindles and iPads on during the entire flight. And most jets in the U.S. now have Wi-Fi...

Bad health care news for school workers

...Chris Riley, Gov. Nathan Deal's chief of staff, told reporters that the elimination of the pay raise was a "federal government cut" that the governor has declined to make up for in the state budget.

City expands homeless count to south Augusta

...across south Augusta two days next week for the federal government's homeless count.Evans said volunteers plan to...new definition of homelessness instituted by the federal government in 2012.For years, HUD followed the direction of...

Here we go again

...night came during the GOP rebuttal, delivered by freshman U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa. The best thing the federal government can do to end the nation's economic doldrums, she said, is to get the heck out of the country's way."Let's...

U.S. Congressman Rick Allen issues response to State of the Union addr

...will put people back to work with good-paying jobs, build a stronger economy and limit the growing reach of the federal government. I will continue to work with my colleagues on these efforts and fight for legislation that empowers hardworking...

Stay free by keeping church, state separate

...States, given that different states had different state religions, so they decided to exclude religion from the federal government and to exclude government from religion, effectively separating the realms of religion and government. WHILE WE...