University Hospital | The Augusta Chronicle

...about University Hospital Nurses and nurses' aides are among the most likely to get injured on the job, and the federal government will be getting a lot tougher on health care facilities where those injuries occur. Buoyed by the Supreme Court's...

Savannah River Site | The Augusta Chronicle

...forest. Nearly 1,500 families were displaced in the name of freedom and protection from Soviet Communism. The federal government put more than 38,000 people to work by September 1952, toiling around the clock toward the production...

Many Augusta-area charities operating with deficit

...than $2.1 million last year for a loss of more than $800,000."Our fiscal year ends the same time as the federal government does," Pfotzer said. "The USDA does not want to have the inventory on their books, so they tend to push a...

Looking up at the moral high ground

...Activists, Carson suggests, should turn their frustrations on the schools, entertainment industry, local and federal governments and the Democratic Party ? all of which, he writes, have let the black community down.Certainly they're much...

Zip line regulations scrutinized after 4 summer deaths

...across the country this summer. The deaths have drawn attention to a regulatory safety net full of holes.The federal government does not regulate the challenge course industry and does not keep data on how many courses exist or how many accidents...

Augusta eye doctor agrees to pay additional civil payment

A local optometrist convicted of Medicare fraud agreed to settle a civil forfeiture action with the federal government earlier this month.Jeffrey Sponseller, who operated Sponseller Eye Care One, will pay $275,000 to settle a civil action...

Business news

...company Solyndra misrepresented facts and omitted key information to get a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government. The company's failure likely will cost taxpayers more than $500 million.AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS giant Monsanto...

Army cyber general proposes new mission to fight global hacks

...bring 4,700 cyber defense workers to the area by 2019."This is not a unique Army problem," Cardon said of the federal government. "It is a joint problem and I would argue even a national security issue."Cardon urged defense contractors...

Why was Civil War fought?

...Dixie" trying to stop a vicious invader of their homeland, and attempting to get out from under the boot of the federal government to save their Southern culture.Dr. J.B. BaxleyAiken, S.C.

Coming clean

...highest levels, still have a shred of integrity left in them.Barack Obama has turned nearly every agency of the federal government into a political arm of the Democratic National Committee. The Hillary Clinton case will be a critical test of...