Uncertainty making year-end tax planning difficult

...exemption-approval process done through the health exchange program will take two to three weeks."With the experience the federal government has with setting up the health exchanges, I would recommend that they might want to seek information now...

Take sovereignty out for a spin

...all powers not granted to the federal government be reserved to the states and...our borders rests with the federal government, surely the states have the...Jan. 20, 1981, "that the federal government did not create the states...

Savannah River Site | The Augusta Chronicle

...forest. Nearly 1,500 families were displaced in the name of freedom and protection from Soviet Communism. The federal government put more than 38,000 people to work by September 1952, toiling around the clock toward the production...

Top turkeys get taste of their own medicine

...season.I woke up with a terrible sore throat Friday, so I'm dosing liberally with a cough medicine that the federal government wants to outlaw. As of Oct. 6, doctors can no longer call in a prescription of this wonderful elixir and must...

Federal nuclear safety board finds funding, staffing decreases for SRS emergency planning

...including SRS. The sites are not adequately prepared to respond to earthquakes, fires and other emergencies and the federal government has become complacent in updating response procedures and safety standards, the board said.

Price spikes for once-cheap generic drugs draw scrutiny from Senate lawmakers

...production slowdowns because of manufacturing problems. But the lawmakers convening Thursday's hearing said the federal government needs to play a bigger role in restraining prices."If generic drug prices continue to rise then we are going...

Ex-Gov. Carl Sanders dies

...ways. Several crucial efforts proved of key importance to the governor's hometown. In the early 1960s, the federal government had decided to move several units of the Signal Corps to another fort. By this time Fort Gordon had been a fixture...

Patients couldn't vote

...In this day and age, there should be mobile units with handheld voting machines in place either by the state or federal government that would go to any facility housing people who want to vote. Whether anyone realizes it or not, if you are laid...

Betting prohibition in New Jersey must stay

...defiance of the nation's major sports leagues and the federal government.No matter what U.S. District Judge Michael...argued the state's case.Olson responded that the federal government could ban sports betting entirely if it wanted to...

Cannabis oil clinical trial at Georgia Regents University might not be only option

...Cranford had approached universities in his state but they feared putting at risk federal funding because the federal government still considers it illegal even if the state doesn't. GRU should be protected by the permissions granted by DEA...