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Senate resolves dispute over Federal Election Commission

WASHINGTON -- The Senate resolved a dispute over staffing at the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, clearing the way for passage of a $29.9 billion spending bill. The bill to fund the Treasury Department and related...
Rules for internet politics

...uncharted waters of Internet politics, the Federal Election Commission today began deciding what rules should be followed...will launch the page in a new browser window. Federal Election Commission Democracy Network League of Women Voters
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Big donors fill party coffers

...counterpart gave to the local GOP in August, Federal Election Commission reports show. Individual donors gave an average...Cash on hand Aug. 30: $427,663 Source: Federal Election Commission filings
Weighing in on the Internet's `soft money' ban

...I believe that soft money should be completely stopped," Daniel Williams wrote in an e-mail to the Federal Election Commission. Williams' electronic message was one of 134 comments received by the FEC about proposals to ban so-called...
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Behind closed doors

...including millions from super PACs.This is the same president who warned that this year's McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission ruling ? which struck down limits on individual, aggregate campaign contributions ? "means ordinary Americans...
Ga. Senate: Kingston, Perdue spend combined $11 million

...the candidates, the race has drawn more than $7.8 million in spending by outside groups. According to Federal Election Commission data, that total puts the Georgia race behind Senate contests in just three other states: Mississippi, North...
Two strange concepts

...effort to control political contributions.In 2010, the John Roberts court decided in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations have rights under the Constitution to freedom of speech to contribute unlimited amounts of...
SC Senate incumbents have millions in bank

...about $3.1 million on hand.The numbers come from their latest campaign disclosure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.Those reports show Graham raised $1.3 million in the fourth quarter of last year. That's about three...
SC's US Senate incumbents have millions on hand

...advantage over their opponents.The numbers come from their 2013 year-end fundraising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and due on Friday.The reports show Graham raised $1.3 million in the fourth quarter of last year, the...
Across the region

...Statehouse, but were joined by former Spartanburg police officer Dave Feliciano, who has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission but not raised any money.All four men signed papers vowing to support any challenger that makes it to a runoff...