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Stroke study Men who suffer from depression are far more likely to die of a stroke than men who don't, but the likelihood of a nonfatal stroke isn't correlated with depression, researchers report. Writing in the January issue of the journal Stroke, researchers from South Wales followed the health of more than 2,100 men ages 49 through 64 for a decade. In that group were 137 strokes, including 17 that were fatal.
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Implantable artificial heart maker seeks approval for commercial use

...many patients. The first AbioCor recipient underwent the surgery in July 2001 and lived 151 days before suffering a fatal stroke. On the Net: Abiomed Inc.:
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Aggressive treatment recommended for blacks with high blood pressure

...Blacks in general are more likely than whites to suffer related complications. They face nearly double the risk of fatal strokes and a four times higher risk of severe kidney disease. The reasons for the disparities are uncertain, though some...
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Summers bring back memories for writers moved into a lovely house on the beach in Marathon, Fla. He would only be in our life for one year because of a fatal stroke that he suffered during a house call. For that one year we were rich and had everything we desired. After his death...
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Across the area

...she was taken to Self Memorial Hospital, where she died Tuesday. There were several reasons for Ms. Lattimore's fatal stroke, including "bone marrow failure," said Dr. Janice Ross, the pathologist who performed the autopsy. Prison officials...
Griffin won't be changed

...had been working for his father, trying to develop new products and strategies. But at the time of his father's fatal stroke, Mr. Griffin was worried he possessed little of his father's business sense. Some Valdosta residents, including...
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Bypass surgery linked to brain damage

...Journal of Medicine. Among the most common problems seen: Eight patients died of brain injury, 55 suffered non-fatal strokes, 55 had significant loss of intellectual ability that was still apparent when they were released from the hospital...
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