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Fatal disease showing up in more house cats

ATHENS, Ga. -- Local veterinarians are warning pet owners that a deadly disease has afflicted a number of house cats in northeast Georgia.
School keeps man fighting fatal disease

School is a place many students dread, but for James Simpson, it's where he finds a sense of normalcy.
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GRU mobile clinic rolls out for HIV Testing Day

...residents young and old decided to do their part toward helping end AIDS by getting tested Thurs day for the potentially fatal disease.For National HIV Testing Day, Georgia Regents Univer sity's Ryan White Program unveiled its new mobile clinic...
Barbaro has setback due to laminitis

...upbeat progress reports, news came of a significant setback Wednesday because of the laminitis - a painful, often fatal disease - afflicting his left hind hoof. Chief surgeon Dean Richardson removed damaged tissue from Barbaro's left hind hoof...
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University warns students about cat attacks

...staff to stay away from stray animals after a rabid cat scratched or bit four people at the school. "Rabies is a fatal disease if not treated within several days of exposure," reads a message from university President Betty Siegel, which was...
First case of embalmer getting TB from corpse reported

...recommend that funeral home workers take the same precautions as medical workers to prevent transmission of the sometimes-fatal disease. The 35-year-old dead man had AIDS as well as an active infection of tuberculosis, which is transmitted by tiny...
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MCG cancer center invokes healing power of nature

...nature was the answer, said Nettie Engels. It's a natural response.When you first learn you have a potentially fatal disease, you withdraw into yourself and seek someplace safe, said Engels, a cancer survivor and patient advocate for the...
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Across the area

...Officials euthanized a family's dog Friday after test results showed it had been exposed to the highly contagious, fatal disease, Animal Control Director Randy Teasley said. Mr. Teasley said the dog - a 2-year-old Labrador-pit bull mix...
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Alzheimer's takes toll not only on sufferers, but on caregivers, families

...Americans who know someone with Alzheimer's are concerned that they or someone close to them will one day develop the fatal disease.MARIA SHRIVER and the Alzheimer's Association recently released The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Takes on...
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Report: Drug-resistant TB spreads to 104 countries

...conducted by Harvard Medical School. Russian prisons are among the epicenters of the hard-to-treat and potentially fatal disease. About 100,000 inmates have active TB and about 40 percent have drug-resistant TB, said Gen. Vladimir Yalinin...
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