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Gates advocates even stronger ties to hardware makers

...system for its first personal computer, the PC industry has evolved in a dual universe. Hardware firms engineer faster systems, while software companies race to take advantage of that speed. More than 20 years later, Gates' Microsoft Corp...
Computer technology to increase

...couldn't possibly imagine the explosion in this area. There is a sense of urgency because things are changing so fast." System officials have budgeted $1.6 million to upgrade information technology programs at several schools. For instance...
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Game offers toddlers a jump start

...or faster 16-speed CD-ROM drive 64 megabytes RAM, 16-bit color. For the Mac, Power Mac G3 233 megahertz or faster, System 8.6, 9.1.2, OS10.12. Same CD and memory requirements as the PC and thousands of colors. Either installation...
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Dolinar on computers: Don't forget memory and space

...Data Out) DRAM is a tad cheaper, and a little slower, than Synchronous DRAM, the latter being what most of the faster systems are equipped with. Another variable in the basic box that contains the microprocessor and disk drive is the graphics...
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Marty's mischief tickles toddlers with sound-activated control

...double-speed CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse and 256-color monitor. For the Mac: a 68030 processor at 25 megahertz or faster, System 7.0 or above, eight megabytes of RAM, 256-color monitor, Quicktime 2.0, Sound Manager 3.0 and Macintosh...
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