Recipe for inside-out apple crumbles

...apple with the crumble tucked away on the inside of the apple where the core used to be.I love individual desserts because they feel a smidge fancy. They also have their own portion control built in. What a perfect way to celebrate fall.

Dictionaries doomed in high-tech world

...gathering knowledge.I don't go that far because one of the first things they taught us in news writing was don't flaunt a fancy vocabulary. Use simpler words. Use words the readers use. Words they know.Such good advice probably explains why a computer...

You'll pay for this

If flying to high-priced conferences, staying in full-service hotels and eating fancy dinners on the taxpayer's dime turned local leaders into paragons of public service, nobody would question the practice.But...

Invite young people into the Cecil conversation with books

...names him Lafcadio the Great and brings him to New York City, where he grows more humanlike, dressing in starched collars and fancy suits. Soon, he grows despondent and returns to the jungle to ponder whether he's more man or beast. Anniversary edition...

Pamper mom with dainty tea sandwiches

Some moms want a spa day. Some moms crave chocolate. And some moms just want a little fancy pampering.If your mom falls into that last category, consider throwing her a tea party this Mother's Day. And it's so much...

Stuffed chicken thighs: A fancy holiday meal that requires no fancy skills

Looking to dazzle your guests during the holidays? I've got the perfect "fancy" dish for you. And I promise it requires no advanced culinary skills.I've adapted this from a recipe that first appeared...

Dine & Dish: Eateries offer a fine front-porch experience

...is the place to go with noshable appetizers and hot dogs with fancy toppings. If you need more, there's a full menu. And don't...2821 WASHINGTON ROADGo for: Arguably the widest variety of fancy tacosThe vibe: With its lively atmosphere, Tin Lizzy's attracts...

Scuttlebiz: Apartment rental prices growing fast, but not here

...Grain-of-salt warning: Apartment List is drawing data only from the apartments that are listed on its site. MICROBLOG: That's the fancy way to say Twitter.? Bids being sought for new Family Dollar on Old McDuffie Road in #Augusta.? Conn's HomePlus has...

Dine & Dish: DeShawn's rings bell for happy diners

...meal. One by one, we lined up to strike the bell, amid applause from the other happy diners.Good food doesn't have to be fancy, and DeShawn's certainly isn't ? but they definitely serve up good food by the bucketful.ON THE MENUWHERE: DeShawn's...

Man enough to get into the kitchen? These books aim to help

...shank chili, anyone? The recipes also are nicely categorized as easy, reasonable and "worth the effort."Finally, if you fancy yourself more of a refined Southern gentleman, there's a book for that, too. Matt Moore's A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen...