What Is It?

...two-door/four-door cars."Joe Bert: "Beautiful. Thank you for emphasizing that it was a pickup. Chevy produced these fancy pickups in '59 and '60 and then stopped production for about four years. My first student car was a '60 Chevrolet Impala...

Teheran finding key to repeatable delivery

...is Teheran's way of regressing. His mechanics loosen slightly, he loses command and serves taters. Regression is just a fancy way of saying pitchers can't be awesome all the time. Teheran's start against the Mets is an example of that. A part of...

Novel explores romanticism, ego and paradise lost

Prince Charles of Nassau-Siegen, a celebrated stud in 18th-century Paris' fanciest boudoirs and a fearless captain on the field of battle, is the hero and narrator of World Elsewhere, an entertaining novel about...

Things to Do
Forget cooking and try compote

If presentation counts for anything, the fruit cup at one of New York's fanciest restaurants was a stunner. There was nothing on the menu that indicated it was anything more than fruit in a dish, but it sounded...

Across the Southeast

Fancy restaurant at Disney bans children ORLANDO, FLA. --- The home of Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Tinkerbell has banned kids from its fanciest restaurant. Beginning this week, children younger than 10 are no longer...

Historic auction house sold

...During its 232 years as an auctioneer, Christie's has put everything on the block from Picasso paintings to the world's fanciest wines. On Monday, the gavel fell on Christie's itself. French tycoon Francois Pinault, long a buyer of fine art at Christie's...

Miss Teen wants to be role model

The Miss Teen of Georgia Scholarship and Recognition Pageant isn't about who looks best in a swimsuit, who has the fanciest gown or even who has "the look," Seretha Sherrod said. "It was to reward the girls for their excellence. Beauty...

Richmond Neighbors | Academy of Richmond County
Chip makers pinched as buyers move toward cheaper CPUs

...Calif. -- When Jeanette Bosio was shopping for a computer, she wasn't looking for the fastest processor, richest sound or fanciest graphics. She wanted the best price. The $1,100 Compaq Presario 700 notebook she bought this year is good enough for her...

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Delegates finding Democratic Party a party

...a 22-year-old University of Georgia law student, whose delegate credentials have gotten him into some of Chicago's fanciest hotels and jumpingest night-spots. "A lot of the parties are closed," he confided, "but a lot you can sort of get into...

Obama likes omnipotence

...election. But it is going to be hard to pull off this time, for we now know he is anything but moderate!Instead, Obama fancies himself as the omnipotent ruler, and he will characterize any opposition as extremist. In anticipation of his Obamacare loss...