Fla.'s 'Gray Belt' a glimpse at nation's future

...might be disconnected from family up north. Lawyers and accountants...they worked and raised their families tend to support education and...attract workers with young families to fill those service jobs...that might attract younger families for the almost 500-member...

Movie Memphis Belle takes to Augusta skies

...the 1990 movie Memphis Belle does nowadays, and it's all for the sake of sharing a bit of history with veterans and their families, said Cullen Underwood, of The Liberty Foundation.Augusta-area residents will have the chance to experience the flying...

TV ads spark controversy in Barrow-Allen race

...Obama's No. 1 goal is to ensure Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House for his last two years in office, and that's a scary reality for Georgia families who don't agree with President Obama or Nancy Pelosi 85 percent of the time."

Where you live: A family bluegrass affair

Ads twist Allen's record

...was not something developed because he thought to seek public office! This has been going on for years. At the Wheeler Road Family Y, you will see a picture of this man on the wall as one of the contributors. Did he build the facility? Yes. Allen won...

US existing home sales fall in August

...Commerce Department said Thursday. Much of that decline was due to a drop-off in building apartment complexes, but single-family home construction also fell 2.4 percent.Applications for building permits, a sign of future activity, dipped 5.6 percent...

Richmond County Crime | The Augusta Chronicle

...and the Richmond County Jail. The Jails Division staff serves the courts, other law enforcement agencies, inmates, the families of inmates and crime victims. The mission of the Jails Division staff is to provide for the safe, secure and constitutional...

Books with Impact: Early Retirement Extreme

...near the end of their life to enjoy the full fruits of their labor. This paints a very familiar picture for a lot of American families ? our own included. We were well on our way down this path of "lock-ins" when we started our own financial turnaround...

Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...High's arm. A prison doctor injected one tube in his left hand and made an incision to insert another in his chest. "These families have been suffering for 25 years," said Nora Moye, a protester who also is a spokeswoman for the human rights group Amnesty...

Karin Calloway | The Augusta Chronicle

...cookouts or barbecues called ... When it comes to Easter dinner, you don't mess with tradition. When I was growing up, my family's Easter menu centered on a large baked ham and scalloped potatoes. Tuesday, March 23, 2010 There are all kinds of boxed...