What Is It?

...probably a Super 88."AUGUSTA: Gary Engen: "This week's car is a 1958 Oldsmobile. My dad favored Oldsmobiles as our family car went from a 1949 Olds to a 1954 Olds Super 88 (my favorite) to a 1959 Olds 98 during my school years. Thank goodness...

What Is It?

Did you recognize last week's 1964 Mercury, a big sleek family car, and do you know the significance of this week's vehicle? For extra credit, try to tell us the make and the city this photo was shot in.

What Is It?

...never stood for any concept. It just sounded good to the designers."I grew up with Oldsmobiles, as my parents' family cars, as best I remember, went from a 1949 Olds to a 1954 Olds Super 88 to a 1959 Olds 98 and finally to that 1966 Toronado...

What wealth gap? Danish welfare narrows disparity

...which he uses to visit a summer home or foreign destinations such as Thailand or Turkey. He cycles to work and uses the family car mainly to drive to the grocery store on weekends.Still, he acknowledges, taxes are a burden. Income tax rates in...

Android news, wearable gadgets, smart home devices rule at Google developer conference

...and tablets was on full display as the company unveiled far-reaching plans to push further into the living room, the family car and the TV set.As part of a nearly three-hour opening presentation, Google gave more details about Android Wear...

Trying to shed its vanilla reputation, Toyota gives the Camry a top-to-bottom makeover

...has been the best-selling car in the U.S. for the past 12 years, supported by loyal buyers wedded to a dependable family car. But Toyota acknowledges that tastes have changed, and buyers of midsize cars want more style, comfort and performance...

Victory by Evans teen Tyler Matthews boosts his fishing team

...2006, while his mother is nearly addicted to the pastime, she said. Tyler remembers being told of his riding in his family car's baby seat when his parents went fishing.The Evans High School junior had never fished West Point Lake."The first...

What Is It?

...front end would jump up off the ground at the starting line. I was challenged at many red lights."Yes, it was our family car, only one child and my hubby made me quit racing when I got pregnant with the second baby. I was one of the first women...

What is it?

...column, and I had a Hurst (shifter) in it and a three on the floor. I got it in high school. I turned it into a family car. It was fire engine red. Had it painted again. It had a three-tone interior. The 1958 had a continental kid, but...

What is it?

...Other options were available, but we did not see that many in my small Georgia town."While I was in high school, the family car was a 1953 Ford, which was very similar to the 1954. It had the flathead V-8, however, and automatic transmission...