Researchers: Humans caused extinctions in Australia

...scientists. Some propose the extinctions were caused by climatic changes...shrubs. It survived." Extinctions have occurred naturally on...change as the cause of the extinction because the bird endured...who believe the Australian extinctions were caused by climate.

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Global warming to push some species into extinction

...every 13 species on Earth into extinction, a new study projects.It won't...climate change or Europe where the extinction rate is nearly as small. But...that forecasted heat-caused extinction rate soars to 23 percent, according...

Space dust may kill some Earth animals

...process leading toward extinctions, such as the disappearance...studies that a gradual extinction began before that...major factor in either extinctions or climate change...there have been major extinctions at intervals of 100...but there was no extinction," said Kring. He...

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Sun's gamma ray burst might have triggered ancient mass extinction

...included an ice age. Before the extinction, the Earth was unusually...source of the Ordovician extinction should be regarded as only...killed in the Ordovician extinction were primitive sea creatures...was the first of five great extinctions in history. The Devonian...

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Global extinction theory supported by survey of British wildlife

...decline. "Population extinctions were recorded in all...approaching the sixth major extinction event in its history...said that some past extinctions have killed off more...the level of a major extinction." Scott Miller...

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Humor balances gloom in 'Extinction Level Event'

At the beginning of Busta Rhymes' Extinction Level Event -- The Final World Front...in a nutshell, defines the appeal of Extinction Level Event. Even though it's full...beats. As with his first two albums, Extinction Level Event is powered by lean, stutter-step...

Researchers find evidence meteorite caused extinction 250 million years ago

...percent of all life, an extinction even more severe than the...Permian-Triassic event, the greatest extinction in the planet's history...that the two largest mass extinctions in Earth history ... were...of the Permian-Triassic extinction. Analysis shows the fragments...

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Disease may have caused extinction

ATHENS, Ga. - The wave of extinction that wiped out mammoths and other...MacPhee said. Similar waves of extinction followed when the first people...New World. "These (waves of extinction) closely match the spread of humans...

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Scientists race to prevent ash tree's extinction

...Iowa -- Mark Widrlechner is out to save a species from extinction. It's the native ash tree, and although it provides...This one to me looks like it's much more likely to lead to extinction if we don't do anything about it," predicted Widrlechner...

Studies find human hunters drove many large animals to extinction

...a leading authority on extinctions, said the two papers...involvement in all these extinctions." On the Net: Mass extinctions: http://www.museum...exhibits/larson/LP-extinction.html Science journal...

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