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...that giving tickets as holiday presents is one of the best possible gifts because it's something that a couple can enjoy and experience together. Let's take a quick look at what the final few weeks of the year have in store musically. Don't Miss

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...000. Today's SRS advocates say the site must diversify to branch out into new missions. The lab has a glut of hydrogen experience, which is being used at the Center for Hydrogen Research. There are hopes that Aiken County could become a hub for...

Paine will continue to be an agent of change

...that Paine always has been there for everyone. It is an experience I had at a Paine football game. A police officer told us all...will continue to lead the way."Through my knowledge and experiences, I was able to embrace integration and help others do the...

Well-read: Classics to re-read

...are some suggestions on what books to pick up again. Life experience and insight may make reading these classics again much more...Force B-25 bombardier during World War II. Based on the experiences of the author during his time in the service, some themes...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia author Kay, more to speak at literary festival

...1959 by sweeping the floor at the Decatur-DeKalb News and reporting for that weekly newspaper, he will be bringing his experiences and knowledge to Augusta this weekend for the 2015 Georgia Literary Festival.Kay will be the keynote speaker at 9 a.m...

Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre's 'Greetings' blends humor and drama

...of a small child and a vocabulary limited to a few words such as "wow" and "oh boy."The show builds until the family experiences a "Christmas miracle" of sorts.Greetings is the second holiday-themed show written by playwright Tom Dudzick that has...

Michaux: Missouri football team set precedent that no doubt will be followed

...toward marginalized students' experiences." The next day, Tigers...dollars over the student experience here. They were going...viral. Talking about his experience with some Tigers players...not given a real student experience at a university. That they...

Michaux: Feherty will be stage, not at course during 2016 Masters

...interview show on the Golf Channel. It's "uncensored and unhinged" with tales from golf and his own poignant personal experiences with alcoholism, growing up in a country torn by urban warfare and becoming an American citizen. He is uniquely qualified...

Former mayor Deke Copenhaver gets credit for sales tax approval

...the mill."And it really would be a Sili con Valley of cybersecurity," he said.In response to a question about his experiences since the name change to Augusta University, Keel said, "Ninety percent of the people are incredibly happy, incredibly...

Our readers respond about thoughtless drivers, shoppers, patients

Readers tell us about their bad experiences on the highway, in the grocery, at the doctor.