Creature may be dinosaurs' descendant

Do dinosaurs prowltropical Africa? Expeditions to the Likouala swamplands in the Peoples...were 3 feet across. In 1913, a German expedition in the Congo met a group of pygmies...long, alligator-like tail. Several expeditions were launched in the 1960s and '70s...

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Illegally excavated items pose dilemma for scholars

...found as the result of carefully monitored archaeological expeditions. In truth, many of the scrolls were illegally excavated...some of the most important documents. While archaeological expeditions still produce sensational finds, many artifacts are discovered...

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Marine biologist explores ways to care for oceans

...project director for the Sustainable Seas Expeditions. Growing up in New Jersey, she was...and leading more than 50 underwater expeditions. "We're working with museums and...exploring potential new sites. The expeditions focus on 13 marine sanctuaries in the...

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Teens learn to value 'something bigger'

...past yourself, your ego, to where God is."That's where nature comes in. Last fall, McGee founded Yahweh Wilderness Expeditions, a Christ-centered volunteer organization in Aiken. The group teaches at-risk youth how to have better relationships...

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Explorer says he's found biblical Mount Sinai

...Archaeology, Search and Expeditions, that hunts down sites...of espionage during his expeditions. He is now working on an expedition concerning Noah's Ark...He said the impact of the expeditions could be immeasurable...

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Mankind takes one giant leap

...monument to the most daring of the 20th century's scientific expeditions. Around it, footprints are etched in the talcumlike dust...evangelistic organization in Colorado Springs, Colo. Led six expeditions to Turkey's Mount Ararat in search of Noah's Ark. John...

Microbes found to have thrived in rock below the sea

...More evidence that life can exist under the harshest, most extreme conditions deep inside the Earth suggests that expeditions to Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa could find teeming colonies of underground microbes, scientists said. "But we may have...

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Jailed golf ball retriever in Britain wins appeal

...golf-course lakes won his fight to overturn a six-month prison sentence Monday but was told to stop clandestine diving expeditions. John Collinson was caught in August wearing a rubber diving suit at Whetstone Golf Course in the central England city of...

Rower ready to paddle boat across Atlantic

...greatest adventure. At 55, the owner of Worldwide River Expeditions wants to row, row, row his specially designed boat across...Portugal and other incidentals account for the remainder of the expedition's price tag. That bill is being footed primarily by Worldwide...

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Filmmaker's work puts viewers on top of the world

...toward the top of Mount Everest. Eight people died in the May 1996 storm, the single deadliest in the history of Everest expeditions. Breashears and his crew helped rescue Dr. Beck Weathers of Dallas, who had twice been left for dead as the tragedy unraveled...

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