Lady Bird's Texas wildflower center draws visitors by the thousands

...in the Luci and Ian Family Garden ? named for its lead donors, Luci and her husband, Ian Turpin ? features exercise equipment so adults can work out while their children play.Johnson said she sees the family garden as a way to bring in...

Dog park demands continue at Fort Gordon

...said. "The park is established into two sections dividing small and large dogs. Both sides are equipped with exercise equipment, space for open play, water fountains for dogs and covered shelters for dog owners."Chilson said now she...

Injured motocross rider opens eyes, moves a bit

...vehicles are added to the mix, hospital admissions jump to 26,523 people, which is more than injuries related to exercise equipment (23,815), football (9,822) or horseback riding (9,506).There is good news though. Overall, motocross...

Cruel and unusual -- and that's the prisoner, not the punishment

...college dorm rooms I've seen. He's got a three-room suite ? a bedroom, a study with a desk and a room with exercise equipment. He has a video game system. He is paid a weekly allowance of 300 kroner ($49).And he's not going to take...

Mason shows little mercy as Augusta's grand inquisitor

...down there?Warden: I wouldn't go that far. They're always complaining. They want more TV channels, more exercise equipment, cellphones, hot food. That's all I hear, day in and day out.Gen. Masonite: The inmates think they're...

Vendors scramble to prepare for Home and Garden show

...services, from granite countertops, windows and kitchen cabinets to playground sets, grills, wine, knives and exercise equipment.Most vendors were just cleaning or attending to last-minute touches. However, Steve Bear of Georgia Door...


...internal investigation has cleared athletic director Lew Perkins of any wrongdoing in connection with the loan of exercise equipment.A former Kansas employee had claimed Perkins accepted the equipment for his home use in exchange for giving some...

Bereavement fares offer flexibility with flight plans, fees

...Dollar Dash.The sale will include men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories, boutique furniture and exercise equipment. For more information, call (706) 267-6413 or visit www.revampconsignment.com.

Local groups help equip rehab facility in Costa Rica

...they went in, what they saw wasn't what they expected. "Wheelchairs with plastic lawn chairs as the seat and exercise equipment we would probably throw out here. There was not much else," Ms. Del Valle said. They returned with a desire...

Richmond Neighbors
Police seek shoplifter, forger

...exited the store after leaving envelopes containing DVDs, video games, razors and computer software underneath some exercise equipment. Police believe the man is in his 30s, about 6 feet tall and weighs between 170 and 190 pounds. Authorities also...

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