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Georgia announces Brian Schottenheimer as new offensive coordinator

...Fisher said in late December, according to the S.t Louis Post-Dispatch. "He's very organized. He's an excellent teacher. So you can't put the record on his shoulders. That'd be very, very unfair."Schottenehimer reportedly interviewed...
Georgia moves toward standardized teacher evaluations

...they need to be replaced immediately," Nix said in an email. "Most of our teachers are great individuals and excellent teachers. They deserve a professional evaluation system which can weed out those who are not."
Teacher exercises pupils' minds and bodies

...grades SUBJECT: Physical education YEARS TEACHING AT THE SCHOOL: 13 NOMINATOR'S QUOTE: "Mrs. Vagovic is an excellent teacher," co-worker Jessica Moleb said. "She motivates the students to learn through moving. She also encourages the...
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Biology teacher helps students to mature, excel

...Mrs. Holmes' dedication to the students is impressive, said Walter Reeves, Butler's principal. "She's an excellent teacher. She brings a lot of enthusiasm to the classroom and has a good rapport with the kids," he said. "She makes...
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Rants and raves Professor Kathleen Trigg at Augusta State University. As a student there, I respect her so much. She is an excellent teacher, pastor's wife and mother and gives time to raising awareness and funding for the American Cancer Society's...
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Pitching coach finds a home with Boston say he has trouble keeping his cool. Articulate, almost professorial, he was seen as a coach who could be an excellent teacher for young pitchers and a good listener and adviser to the older ones. Curt Schilling, the 40-year-old starter...
Earl Woods' plans for Tiger were evident to local golfers

...early 1980s. "Earl was pretty pointed in his comments" even at Tiger's young age, Wright recalled. "He was an excellent teacher. He saw things in his swing that you're not liable to see even if you had a camera pointed at him."
Gentle man with big voice laid to rest

...the subjunctive mood and the correct verb tense, Mr. Williams could give me the answer," she said. "He was an excellent teacher. He demanded the best of his students. He wanted them to speak English correctly. He saw that as their passport...
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Top-notch school system continually improves

...other high schools in our county have similar situations. None of this could occur without high expectations, excellent teachers and committed leadership at the county level. ELEMENTARY foreign-language programs, International Baccalaureate...
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Building for the future, overlooking the past

...1907-1997) had 28 victories on the PGA Tour, including the 1938 Masters and the 1939 PGA Championship. He also was an excellent teacher who spurred Ben Hogan on to greatness by helping eliminate his hook. Shute (1904-1973) for years was the answer...