Bill Kirby | The Augusta Chronicle

...that created today's successful high-tech world. Thursday, July 31, 2014 Ihave been bitten and stung by just about everything, most of it before age 7. Here are eight steps to avoid insect stings offered by Dr. Bill Dolen, an allergist and immunologist...

New football helmets hope to make a dent in reducing concussions

...a devastating head injury."It's just like everything else ? everything advances and you get better at it," Bielema...I think the helmet manufactures are doing everything they can do to address these issues," Oliver...

Bulldogs capitalize on Warriors errors

...coach Rob Ridings said of his first game with the Bulldogs. "We've got a lot of work to do. We made a ton of mistakes but everything that we made out here I think we can correct."Jake Brooks recovered a blocked punt by Will Roberts in the end zone with...

Obama is 'empty suit'

...interested in what is true, but in what is convenient. He wants as few people as possible to know as little as possible about everything. The biggest way to achieve that is to smile obsequiously and shy away from meeting with the press. He adds a whole new...

Making sense of the senseless

...overflowing Tuesday, just days after his senseless murder.As insane as his killing by an alleged carjacker is, absolutely everything about what Bill DaVitte was doing in his last fateful moments made ultimate sense. He was stopping with his wife to turn...

Augusta residents, officials see progress in goat project

...The goats have a hierarchy when it comes to eating ... they start with the tallest grass because it has more flavor and work their way to the short stuff. I'm hoping it won't be long before they eat everything to the nub."

NFL coaches making presence felt in the locker rooms

...each position group."They can come to our office, we can go in the locker room," Reid said. "There are no walls, everything is free, coaches go in and mingle. Players, I think, appreciate that. I go in there and don't feel any walls there...

Roberson 'thankful' for time on the Richmond County Board of Education

...help the children in this community for me to quit," Roberson said. "I had the desire in my soul. I started relearning everything by degrees, working up from a point where I didn't know what two plus two was."He returned to work full time in September...

South Korean So Yeon Ryu opens big lead in Canadian Women's Open

...absolutely" is happier when playing the kind of golf she has over the past couple of days."So Yeon is probably making everything she looks at," said Cristie Kerr, who shot 4-under 68 to get to 9-under. She was the champion the previous time this...

Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...sentence more than two decades ago. "I did not kill that little boy, nor did I tell the boy he was going to die. I told him everything was going to be all right," said Mr. High, 43, as he lay strapped to a gurney. But Mr. High bragged after his arrest...