Moving data with an iMac

...other Mac in the equation also sports an Ethernet jack -- which means basically all Power...transceiver" to match the non-standard Ethernet jacks on older machines.) Next, on...Panels folder) and select "Connect via: Ethernet." In the File Sharing control panel...

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X-Box could become dominant gaming system

...my favorite cyber-detective, has disappeared into the Ethernet. For those who aren't familiar with his exploits, Tex Murphy...easy hookup to televisions and home theater systems. - An Ethernet port for rich, fast-action online gaming via a broadband...

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What's hot: New items of interest

...Printer? Modem? Do you shuttle disks around the house to move data from one PC to the next? You could hook up your own Ethernet, but that's just too "deep geek" for most people. Diamond Multimedia offers a solution that just about anyone can afford...

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Avid TV viewers could fall in love with Roamio

...don't have to point the remote at the TiVo.? All three models have Wi-Fi built in, so you no longer need to attach an Ethernet cable or buy a separate TiVo Wi-Fi adapter.? The Roamio offers speed improvements over the previous model, which you'll...

With price cuts, MacBook Pro is tempting

...5 pounds. It's also thinner, at .71 inch rather than .95 inch on the standard model. But the Retina model lacks an Ethernet port for wired Internet connections. It also doesn't have a drive for CDs and DVDs. So there's less weight, but also...

Wireless audio gadgets could make good holiday gifts

...in, for no extra charge, a $50 Bridge adapter to attach to your router, so you can free yourself from having to plug an Ethernet cable into at least one speaker.You can play digital tunes that you own or use streaming services such as Pandora and Rdio...

Account Executive - Wholesale Job in Augusta 30909, Georgia US

...Skills: High level of competency with technologies such as MPLS, Security Services, VPN's, IP, VPLS, Ethernet, Ethernet Private Line, DWDM, and dark fiber leases Understand and work effectively with Microsoft Office Experience...

What's hot: New items of interest

...MessagePads to communicate with newer Ethernet networks. AsanteTalk is barely larger...for A/C power, a 10baseT jack for Ethernet and a DIN-8 connector for Apple's...12-inch, unshielded twisted-pair Ethernet cable and a 6-inch, shielded twisted-pair...

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What's hot: New items of interest

...style and attention to detail. The RealPort ($399) is a PC card that functions as a 56K modem, a 10Base-T/100Base-T Ethernet card and a mobile phone modem connection. It takes up two stacked Type II PCMCIA slots or one Type III slot. One reason it...

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Anti-intruder Net gateway a must for broadband home offices

...bridge between the modem and our 8-port Ethernet network hub. Now, no one has to "connect...standard. They also shipped a wireless Ethernet card ($149), which I slid into my...the neighborhood sniffing for wireless Ethernet networks (SOHOware advertises a 150...

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