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Looking for balance everyone is swinging over as if we never ought to use hormones for anyone. I think there is a place for estrogen replacement therapy - that it will get its rightful place for symptom relief." - Dr. Isaac Schiff, chief of obstetrics and...

...patients should pay special attention to their skeletal health with such treatments as calcium supplements and estrogen replacement therapy, he said. Pressure injections Florida researchers have cured high blood pressure in three generations of...
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...information Many women do not get enough information from their doctors to make an informed decision about taking estrogen replacement therapy after menopause, a University of Illinois study has found. Among 693 women, who were either going through...
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Testosterone therapy remains controversial concerns such as hot flashes, reduced libido, mood swings and osteoporosis. Physicians often recommend estrogen replacement therapy for aging women to relieve such symptoms. It seems straightforward that replacing testosterone along with...
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Women's sexual dysfunction subject of new study

...706) 722-1381. The study is looking for post-menopausal women who are sexually active, are not on estrogen replacement therapy, and have not had breast cancer. Participants will receive a complete checkup as part of the study. Reach...